Are Ceiling Fan Light Kits Interchangeable?

Are Ceiling Fan Light Kits Interchangeable

Ceiling fans have been well known for quite a long time and years and give no indication of leaving style. In the event that anything, with temperatures ascending far and wide and cooling not fitting a low carbon way of life, ceiling fans might be entering another period of prevalence. What’s more, when you consider the tremendous scope of various plans and styles there will consistently be one that is ideal for your room. With numerous new structures turning out each year a significant number of us might be considering changing our fan for a more up to date, energy productive sort, or if nothing else changing the light pack to an alternate style to suit our new stylistic theme. In any case, can we simply swap out the light unit for another? Is it actually that simple?

Ceiling fan keeping you cool however leaving you in the dark? Try not to stress, you aren’t stuck supplanting your entire fan. For those with insufficient, single bulb lighting or coming up short on a light installation by and large, including a ceiling fan light unit offers a basic and cheap answers for constrained lighting.

Are Ceiling Fan Light Kits Interchangeable?

The straightforward answer is both yes and no. There are a wide range of fans and a wide range of light units out there of various sorts and measures and not all will be perfect with the fan you as of now have, you need to rather discover a good light pack for your fan.

Numerous makers produce coordinating light units for a progression of fans. You need to coordinate the model/arrangement number to locate a light pack that will accommodate your fan precisely.

See the accompanying video to all the more likely comprehend what I mean.

Do you have a Hunter fan? Or on the other hand a Casablanca? Is it a little fan or an enormous one? Does it have a lodging top with a middle opening? You follow? You must be somewhat mindful so as to ensure your are not returning light units again and again until you get the correct one.

How to Find a Compatible Light Kit for Your Fan.

So how would we locate the correct light pack for our fan? Right off the bat, we should discover the make and model of the fan. In the event that its a Hunter or a Casablanca, at that point we can take a gander at the scope of light packs that these producers supply as they will be perfect with our fan. These are accessible direct from the organizations themselves or through merchants like Home Depot. Different makers may likewise supply their own scope of light packs so it merits looking at these first. It merits checking the model quantities of the fan and light unit as certain brands make it simple by having coordinating numbers in the codes so you can see the similarity.

In the event that we don’t have the foggiest idea about our make of fan, or in the event that we need to locate an alternate style that will fit, we have to view the current light unit on the fan and ensure we get another one with a similar kind of lodging. Numerous packs have a round base with a couple of fastens that screw from the outside into the fan unit holding the light pack set up. Check the breadth of the base and the screw positions and afterward look for comparable ones.

ceiling fan light kit

In the event that you have a fan without a light pack and are hoping to include the lights ensure the fan has a lodging unit under the fan. This might be covered up under a beautiful bowl or cowl that can be evacuated to be supplanted with a light pack.

The odds are we will be constrained to the kind of light unit that fits precisely onto our fan as there is nothing of the sort as genuinely ‘widespread’ light packs. Some light pack makers may showcase their units as ‘all inclusive’ yet this may well mean they are just general over their own scope of fans. Others will be all inclusive however just over all fans that have a, state, 6″ distance across base unit.

On the off chance that you don’t have the any idea about the make or model of your fan, or on the off chance that you aren’t sure it will take a light pack, it is most likely a smart thought to purchase another total fan and light unit, at any rate along these lines you can pick the general look and plan in one simple go.

A couple of More Things to Consider

When we have discovered a light pack that will fit we despite everything need to check a couple of different things before we purchase. Do the electrical prerequisites of the light unit suit the limit of the fan? Check you have the correct voltage supply. On the off chance that your fan is still genuinely new it might at present be under guarantee and it would merit checking the conditions to ensure you don’t negate it.

Does the light unit have enough bulbs for your prerequisites and will it supply enough enlightenment to your room? The presentation of exceptionally energy proficient LED lights in the course of the most recent couple of years can be confounding to those of us who despite everything think as far as 40 watt or 60 watt bulbs. Driven bulbs are effective to such an extent that they will presently be around the 4 watt to 6 watt range and still produce a similar measure of light as the old bulbs. What’s more, this measure of light delivered is estimated in lumens. In the event that supplanting an old 40w bulb search for a bulb that produces around 400 to 450 lumens. More splendid bulbs can be up around 800 lumens.

Goodness, and just to assist clear with increasing another region of perplexity, we can likewise pick the shade of the light created by the LED bulbs. This shading changes from an orangey warm gleam shading to the unforgiving splendid white shading and is estimated in degrees Kelvin. Fundamentally the higher the number, the more splendid white the light. So 2700-3000 kelvin is warm white, 3100-4500 kelvin is cool white or more this is viewed as like a sunlight white. The warm white is viewed as best for encompassing, ornamental light, cool white better for explicit undertakings like an understanding light or to enlighten a particular zone like a workbench.

On the off chance that your fan is outside or in a soggy domain you should consider. Light units are accessible in three diverse ‘wet’ appraisals: dry, sodden and wet. Dry is for indoor just and must not be presented to dampness so is reasonable for rooms, lounges and so on. Soggy appraised fans can deal with more dampness so could be utilized in washrooms, secured yards and porches not presented to coordinate downpour. Wet appraised fans are appropriate for full outside use, similar to open yards, decking, rooftop gardens and so forth.

At long last, consider the style of your fan, the look you are going for and attempt to locate a light unit to suit. It would not be a smart thought to fit a vintage, retro style light unit onto a ultra present day contemporary plan fan, and the other way around. Pick one that will suit your fan and your room’s style.

Where should i able to get a ceiling fan light pack?

Ceiling fan light units are accessible from your nearby home improvement chain, and regularly cost uniquely around $20 to $50 contingent upon the installation type and highlights. Simply make certain to quantify the connection point (the measurement of the opening) on your ceiling fan get together before you go, so you don’t wind up remaining in the walkway scratching your head. Writing down the organization name and style/model number of your fan ought to rearrange this errand.

Would i able to do it without anyone else’s help?

Including a ceiling fan light unit is a generally basic DIY venture. All you need is a light unit and a Phillips head just as an opened screwdriver.

How would I introduce a ceiling fan light pack?

Switch off power to the fan at the breaker or wire box. Off the whole board is prescribed to guarantee security. Twofold check the fan is off by endeavoring to turn it on.

Before expelling your fan, guarantee it has a lodging get together at its inside, which can be covered up with a decorated spread or stylistic layout. On the off chance that you have no lodging get together, you won’t have the option to include a ceiling fan light pack.

Expel the ceiling fan for establishment by means of tabletop for simple entry, or in case you’re feeling valiant and extra-organized, introduce it while remaining on the stepladder.

Expel the screws hanging underneath the fans focus hanging on the embellishing focus plate, at that point evacuate the plate to uncover the wiring. Be sure to monitor parts put in a safe spot. You ought not require the top, yet you may require the screws.

How would I introduce a ceiling fan light pack

On most fans, devoted wiring for a ceiling fan light pack will be obvious and named “lighting wire” or something comparable. You are searching for 2 wires: A white (unbiased) and a black (power) wire that will relate with the wires on your new light gathering.

Feed the light apparatuses white and black wires through the gap in the middle plate. Line up the coordinating wires so they are equal, at that point screw on a wire nut to each set: White to white; black to black. The light installation is presently wired.

Screw the light gathering onto the inside plate of the fan, guaranteeing it is solidly joined.

Re-connect the inside plate to the fan body, supplanting the screws that hold the middle plate set up.

Introduce lights, shades, and pull chains as taught by the maker.

Re-introduce the fan onto the roof, at that point betray to check your work.


In this way, as most things throughout everyday life, nothing is ever as simple as you first might suspect. Except if you’re out and out fortunate obviously! Be that as it may, it’s truly not as troublesome as it would sound – doing a little work before going out on the town to shop can make the activity a ton simpler.

In the event that shopping on the web it very well may be extremely elusive the data expected to work out if the light unit will accommodate our fan. Pictures alone can’t be trusted and once in a while are the breadth of the lodging or the screw positions point by point. Make a point to check all the data given for the pack and examine the audits, different purchasers will regularly say how it fitted and what kind of fan it fitted to. This can be a helpful guide regarding whether it will accommodate yours. In some cases there is a helpline or the stores phone number that can be called to get the correct exhortation.

It could save a great deal of time and trouble in the event that you take the estimations of your fans light fitting unit and perhaps a photograph or two, to your nearby home improvement focus, to help ensure you get the correct one. Perhaps a store representative would have the option to offer counsel and assist you with getting the correct one.

In any case, there is no time like the present to swap out your old light unit for another, energy effective pack that can supply all the more light for less power and improve the style of your room simultaneously!