What Are The Benefits Of A Flush Mount Ceiling Fan?

Renovating your living room? The first question that arises in your mind is How to make it look better than it used to be? You might plan to add sober wall paints, cool lights, and elegant carpets in order to restyle your room. However, one important detail you might forget is choosing the right ceiling fan for your living room.

Benefits Of A Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

To add more style and sophistication to your room, you must consider updating your old ceiling fan to a flush mount ceiling fan. This is important because new flooring, painted walls and cool lights will look really good, but an elegant flush mount ceiling fan will add to the beauty of your room.

A flush mount ceiling fan is a fan that is attached directly to the ceiling without any rod. The ceiling fans when directly anchored to the ceiling does not produce the wobble sound that is very frustration to deal with. Thus, this ceiling fan offers a large number of benefits to its users in the following ways:

Benefits of a Flush Mount Ceiling Fan:

Works best for flat ceiling:

If you have a flat ceiling the elegant flush mount ceiling fan will look perfect on top of it. It will give your ceiling a proper finish and function efficiently for cooling the room. These ceiling fans also eradicate the need for air conditioners and hanging fans by covering the entire room appropriately.

Ideal for ceiling that is 8 feet or less from the ground:

waht are benefits of flush mount ceiling fan

If your ceiling is 8 feet or less from the ground, this ceiling fan is the ideal one for you. This is true because flush mount ceiling fans work best when the distance between the floor and the ceiling is up to this height. So, if you get a regular ceiling fan that is hung down by a rod on a ceiling that is 8 feet higher, the rod will make the fan only 6 to 7 feet above the ground, thus, making it work less efficiently. So, if you are looking for a fan that suits this height difference, the flush mount ceiling fans are the best for you.

Safe to use at home:

Do you have a tall person in your home? Trust me, choosing a regular ceiling fan, hung down the rod, is not the best idea for you. If the rod is 20-24 inches long and the height difference between the floor and the ceiling is 8 feet, the distance between the floor and the ceiling is only 6-7 feet. This creates the chances of a six feet tall person to bump into the fan. No wonders even imagining this is giving us chills but these accidents can definitely occur. One of the safest fans to use is the flush mount ceiling fan that reduces the chances of accidental bumping and keep you safe and secure.

Eliminates the need for a down rod:

The room is well-furnished and everything is in order. But the only thing that catches everyone’s attention is the outdated and old rod from which your ceiling fan is hanging. Adding a flush mount ceiling fan will make it look better and in place.

The down rod fans may work effectively for spacious rooms will high ceilings but it will not work appropriately for normal rooms which are around 8 feet high.

Has an elegant design:

The decent, the better. Flush mount ceiling fans not only work better than the usual fans but also make give an elegant and sophisticated style to the room. If you want to give your room a cohesive look, you cannot go with a fan that was launched decades ago. Make sure you add a contemporary style to your room by choosing the perfectly matched flush mount ceiling fan to your room.

Also comes with a remote option:

flushmount ceiling fan advantage

People today are moving towards flush mount ceiling fans rather than the old ceiling fans. With increasing fame, most of the companies making flush mount ceiling fans are focusing on making it convenient and effective. Thus, most of these ceiling fans come with an installed watch switch or wireless remote control. This makes the flush mount ceiling fan look more modern and convenient at the same time.

By considering all the points stated above, we see that a flush mount ceiling fan provides efficient cooling, elegant style, complete safety, and easy installation to its users. So, get yourself this ceiling fan because we don’t renovate our rooms every day. Make the right choice.