Best Belt Driven Ceiling Fans of 2022 with Buying Guide

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Ceiling fans can be a valuable items in the warmth of the late spring and even vulnerable of the winter. What’s more, they can represent the moment of truth the styling of your inside and outside of the home.

On the off chance that you were considering adding a belt-driven ceiling fan to your home, we may have something intriguing for you.

A belt-driven ceiling fan might be the thing that you so frantically require for your inside. Furthermore, to assist you with understanding whether you need one or not, we will realize what they are. What’s more, we’ll review the best belt-driven ceiling fans to assist you with showing signs of improvement thought of what they are.

Best Belt Driven Ceiling Fans Review

Fanimation HA7966DZ Belt Driven Ceiling Fan

Belt driven ceiling fan


Fanimation HA7966DZ Kellan is the one of the best belt driven ceiling fan. On the off chance that you’d prefer to include an increasingly unassuming ceiling fan in your room, at that point this model might be the best alternative.

The Kellan belt-driven ceiling fan doesn’t have any extravagant enriching components, which makes it a superior suit for progressively limited style insides. Likewise, its two 56-inch sharp edges (sold independently) shaded cherry and dull pecan will better work with dim-hued goods.

Besides the striking structure, the Kellan roof fan has some great force productivity to brag. Its engine – which is likewise sold independently – is appraised at 37 watts at its most noteworthy speed, which is truly low for a roof fan. What’s more, with the 56-inch sharp edges conveying 4659 cubic feet for every moment of wind current (CFM), you get 128 CFM/W wind stream productivity, which is fair.

The engine of the Kellan fan has 3 forward and 1 converse rates, so it is truly flexible with regards to temperature control.

Also, the exact opposite thing that ought to be referenced in this fan is that it is evaluated for dry indoor utilize as it were. It won’t make due in damp areas, not to mention outside.

Picking the correct belt driven ceiling fan: Buying Guide

Since we comprehend what the Fanimation ceiling fans bring to the table, it’s an ideal opportunity to figure out how to pick the best one from them. How about we examine the things that you have to consider in belt-driven ceiling fans.


As we referenced before all else, belt driven ceiling fans are more about their appeal than execution. They can in any case make your room cooler, yet a lot of their worth lies in their style.

Your belt-driven ceiling fan needs to fit the general style of your room, just as compared to your taste. To pick the correct belt-driven fan, you should search for a model that fits the plan and shade of your inside however much as could reasonably be expected.

A belt-driven ceiling fan should supplement the appearance of your room. On the off chance that it is excessively unique, at that point it might stand out something over the top and look monstrous.

Cutting edge range

Cutting edge range influences how much wind current a roof fan can flow in the room. The more extended the cutting edges, the more wind current they have.

You ought to get a ceiling fan that has about the correct wind current for your room size. In the event that you go excessively little, your ceiling fan won’t give your room enough wind stream. What’s more, in the event that you go too large, at that point your fan won’t be vitality proficient since it will devour more force than would normally be appropriate.

Fanimation B7966CYDWA Kellan Ceiling Fan Reversible Blade

To pick the correct size, you have to know the territory of your room. To discover it out, measure the length and width of your room in square feet and duplicate the numbers (for example 15ft x 15ft = 225 square feet). At that point, follow this diagram to pick the best possible size:

Room size (square feet)       Blade length (inches)

Under 144                   Under 42

144 – 225                   44 – 50

225 – 400                   50 – 62

Over 400                     Over 62

Number of edges

The quantity of edges in a belt-driven ceiling fan assumes a gigantic job in how much wind stream it can deliver. The higher the quantity of cutting edges, the more air the fan can move. Be that as it may, there is a decrease come back with each extra cutting edge included.

As research has illustrated, 2 edges are the best regarding vitality effectiveness. They can convey satisfactory wind current while devouring not all that much force.

3-4-cutting edge setups have been appeared to have the best-perceived leverage utilization and wind stream, so they can be acceptable in the event that you are hoping to get great incentives for the cash.

Furthermore, in conclusion, 6-sharp edge fans had the most elevated wind current, however, their capacity utilization was past attractive.

The belt-driven ceiling fans we surveyed had either 2 or 5 cutting edges. 2, as we’ve quite recently stated, gives a great wind stream at low force utilization. Furthermore, 5 cutting edges, being near the ideal 3-4 sharp edges, produce more wind stream at higher force cost.

At long last, your decision will rely upon the amount you esteem vitality effectiveness. On the off chance that it is significant for you, a 2-cutting edge fan would be better.


Wattage is critical to consider while surveying the force proficiency of a ceiling fan. Be that as it may, the terrible thing for our situation is that Fanimation doesn’t give wattage information to most of their belt-driven ceiling fans. They ought to give you the information on the off chance that you get in touch with them, however, the way that you have to make additional strides isn’t generally excellent.

Besides wattage, wind current effectiveness ought to be likewise thought of. Estimated in CFM/W, it indicates how much wind stream a fan produces for every watt. Given that you have all the information, you ought to go for the most reduced wattage and most elevated wind current proficiency that can fulfill your requirements.

Wind stream

Wind stream ought to likewise be considered in belt-driven fans. Once more, much the same as it was with wattage, Fanimation gives wind current information just to their Kellan fan.

The correct wind stream will rely upon the size of the room:

Room size (square feet)       CFM rating

Under 144                        1000 – 3000

144 – 225                         1600 – 4500

225 – 400                         2300 – 5500

Over 400                          5500 – 13500

UL rating

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating means where a belt-driven ceiling fan can be introduced. There are 3 UL evaluations:

UL Dry appraised fans must be utilized in dry indoor areas.

UL Damp appraised fans can be utilized in secured sticky territories. They can’t withstand direct contact with water.

UL Wet appraised roof fans are impervious to water, downpour, and a day off, they can be utilized outside.

While picking a belt-driven ceiling fan, you have to ensure that every one of its parts has the ideal UL rating. For instance, if the cutting edges are UL Dry and everything else is UL Damp, you shouldn’t utilize the fan in sticky areas. The engine and the pulley drive may remain safe, however, the sharp edges will turn sour from dampness.

Antique Belt Driven Ceiling Fan FAQ

What Are Belt-Driven Ceiling Fan?

You’ll discover numerous alternatives accessible for another ceiling fan in the present market. There are conventional structures, contemporary plans, and even explicit structures for open-air use if you need another ceiling fan.

A developing classification of ceiling fans that shows a ton of guarantee as far as configuration esteem is the vintage ceiling fan. Numerous vintage or antique ceiling fans appear as though they come directly from a steampunk show.

One famous alternative from this class is the belt driven ceiling fan.

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How does a belt driven ceiling fan work?

Belt-driven ceiling fans are an innovation that has been around since the turn of the twentieth century. These fans work from a free engine. The engine twists to turn a belt, which is extended to the ceiling fans that have been introduced in the room. The engine can be joined to the wall or roof and is associated with your home’s electrical framework.

Some belt-driven ceiling fans will turn a solitary arrangement of edges, however, it isn’t remarkable to see 3-5 roof fans associated with a similar engine in certain rooms. For whatever length of time that every roof fan is around 15-20 feet from one another, it is conceivable to have full room inclusion with numerous apparatuses, yet just a single electrical association.

How effective are belt-driven ceiling fans?

Belt-driven ceiling fans are intended for style more than work. A large number of them will make air development, yet not at indistinguishable levels from a conventional ceiling fan. They can be compelling in little spaces or if various fans are introduced to cover a bigger zone. In case you’re attempting to make inclusion for a room that is 15’x15′ in size, notwithstanding, the CFM may not be sufficient to give satisfactory solace.

There is likewise the expense of procurement and establishment that must be viewed when taking a gander at the best belt-driven ceiling fans. It isn’t abnormal to have the roof fans in this class be estimated above $1,000.

For the normal property holder, a whole home can be equipped with customary ceiling fans for not exactly the expense of only one belt-driven ceiling fan.

When is a belt-driven ceiling fan the right option?

A few mortgage holders may wish to introduce a fan in a room with no apparatus association get to. Instead of rebuilding the home to run an electrical line behind the divider, a belt-driven ceiling fan may bode well. The engine could be introduced at the flow electrical line and afterward, the belt could be stretched out to the area where the fan would be.

Belt-driven ceiling fans are constantly an incredible alternative for those occasions when a particular look is wanted. Huge numbers of the fans in this class have a “propeller” look to them.

In the event that a vintage or antique look is wanted, at that point investigate this ceiling fan choice. Despite the fact that these roof fans accompany a superior value, the individuals who own them love the world-class experience that has been brought into their home.

Where to introduce a belt-driven ceiling fan?

Belt-driven ceiling fans have a momentous plan, however, where do you introduce one? The response to this inquiry is quite basic. With the structure of belt-driven ceiling fans being their focal point, you would need to introduce such a fan in a spot where it sounds good to you.

On the off chance that you happen to be a proprietor of a vintage-style café or bar, introducing a belt-driven ceiling fan might be an excellent thought. Recollect the thing we said about the chronicled appeal of belt-driven fans? Why not add a portion of that appeal to your eatery to make it progressively air?

You could likewise introduce a pulley-driven fan anyplace in your home paying little mind to your inside style. In any case, we would encourage you to add it to the room that is near the fan specifically.

Besides structure, there is another thing you may consider. Recollect that we said that belt-driven roof fans can be effective in a bundle since they run on one engine? On the off chance that there is where you are intending to introduce a few roof fans, settling on a belt-driven fan might be a decent decision.