Best Ceiling Fans for Large Rooms

Best ceiling fans for large rooms

Though style and shading are the most significant components to think about when choosing the best ceiling fans for large rooms, although there are numerous different things you’ll have to consider over for the most extreme effectiveness.

Not all ceiling fans are made equivalent, some are bigger than others or may have some extra settings that can be helpful for your large rooms.

Some fans are made for small rooms which is not efficient for large rooms. So you must first think about the size of the room where you want to install the ceiling fan.

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Large room ceiling fans are primarily made for high performance and can move much amount of airflow all over the room. 

Choosing the perfect size ceiling fan for your room is somehow a difficult job for any ordinary person. many people are confused about which ceiling fan is ideal for their room and how to choose the best one.

So here we will do our best to portray the absolute most normal key components to consider before obtaining the best ceiling fans for large rooms.

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Top Picked Ceiling Fans for Large Rooms 

Hunter Deluxe Single Light Ceiling Fan for large rooms

Hunter Deluxe Single Light Ceiling Fan for large rooms

Canarm 3 Blades 48-Inch Ceiling Fan

Canarm 3 Blades 48-Inch  Ceiling Fan for Large Rooms

Comet Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan for Large Rooms

Comet Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan for Large Rooms

Best Ceiling Fans for Large Rooms Review

1. Comet Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan for Large Rooms

Comet Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan for Large Rooms


  • Five reversible blades
  • High-quality powerful motor
  • Remote control adaptable
Review Rating:


Appreciate the excellent performance and transitional style of this Comet five-edge ceiling fans for large room. Comet fan is the ideal best ceiling fans for large rooms of size about 400 square feet.

The ceiling fan has matte black finish that enhance the overall look of the room with 52 inch large size. It adds transitional look to your space.

This fan has five reversible blade with high quality motor that deliver strong air movement throughout the large room. Fans reversible function made both directional air flow for summer and winter season.

This fan have light kit that contains of frosted glass with two 40-watt bulbs that provide enormous light in room. The frosted glass provides delicate light and contrast match with the fans blade color.

The high efficient motor of ceiling fan provides airflow upto 3589 CFM with utilizing just 57 Watts power. This makes airflow efficiency of 63 Cubic Feet Per Minute Per Watt.

This ceiling fan can expand your solace level in summer and winter while bringing down energy costs.

You can introduce this ceiling fan without the augmentation pole gave to diminish the distance between the roof and lower part of the fan, helpful in rooms with low roofs.


  • Easy straightforward installation
  • Quiet operation
  • Remote compatible but brought separately


  • Light are too dull if you use primary light for large room.
  • LED lights are not compatible with remote

2. Hunter 48 inch Large Indoor/Outdoor White Ceiling Fan

Hunter White Ceiling Fan


  • Multi-speed reversible fan motor
  • Ultra-powerful airflow with quiet performance
  • Damp-rated for outdoor use
Review Rating:


This hunter ceiling fan deliver exceptional incredible air flow with whisper quiet performance so you get cold air blown throughout large room without making any noise.

Extraordinarily planned low-profile lodging fits flush to the roof making it ideal for use in rooms with low roofs under 9 feet.

This ceiling fan highlights tempered steel equipment to oppose rust and are damp rated for outdoor use.

Reversible motor of this ceiling fan allows to circulate air upward direction during winter and pushes air downward direction during summer. That makes fan effective in all weather.

The ceiling fans from Sea Wind Collection offer different mounting choices and completions to keep a durable look all through your home.

The five white plastic blades of fan with 13 degree pitch allows to optimize air movement around the space effectively.

It included pull chain in center to quick and easy on/off fan and adjust speed control. As fan allows three speed control adjustment that allows you to control air blown speed as per your requirement.


  • Blades are coated with dust armor nanotechnology.
  • Three speed pull chain
  • Extremely whisper quiet


  • High Price

3. Hunter Deluxe Single Light Ceiling Fan for Large Rooms

Hunter Deluxe Single Light Ceiling Fan for large rooms


  • Multi-speed reversible fan motor
  • Led bowl light kit
  • Pull chain control
Review Rating:


Same as the above hunter fan this fan’s motor is also capable to run in the reverse direction. As result, you get maximum efficiency in summer as well as winter.

The attached light has two 60w candelabra incandescent bulbs that give you light control in your room. It can be used with a light kit or without a lights kit as per your comfort.

For easy on/off and fan speed control it provides a pull chain. You can also control with a handheld remote as well as wall control.

Extra 3 and 2-inch downrods included making the proper distance from ceilings to optimize airflow efficiency throughout the room. One can mount this ceiling fan on any standard ceiling or flush mount ceiling also.

You can also use a fan without a light kit also. It all depends on you. whether you want a light with the fan or not.

The five blades of this large room ceiling fan have a 12-degree pitch for maximum airflow thought the whole room. 

The best thing that we like is the whisper wind motor that the fan is used which makes this ceiling fan calm and quiet without making any noise.

This fan is an ideal ceiling fan for large rooms as it has powerful airflow and a 52-inch large blade span which can move a huge amount of wind current. 


  • High efficiency as maximum speed up to 159 RPM
  • Includes Bowl light kit with toffee glass


  • Lights are not very bright so one can’t use as primary light for large room

4. Benton LED Globe Light Hugger Ceiling Fan

Benton LED Globe Light Hugger Ceiling Fan


  • Features a matte black finish
  • Low profile design
  • Convenient and quiet
Review Rating:


Benton hugger ceiling fan is best ceiling fans for large rooms of sizes about 350 to 450 square feet such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or family rooms.

This fan measures height of 12.25 inches from ceiling to bottom of fan. It is 52-inches in diameter and has an approximately weight of 15.25 pounds. 

The fan is ideal for low ceiling room as it measures just 1 feet from the bottom of ceiling fan to top of ceilings.

3 speed – reversible motor can be run additionally in the winter to help in turning warm air and eliminating energy costs.

The 5 blades of fan is reversible, one side of blade is soft matt black and other one is gray cedar finish that makes great ceiling fan appeal.

This traditional style ceiling fan for large rooms has a pull chain control to on/off the fan and change the speed of the fan.

One thing that we most like is the fan is available in low budget, you can get the unit within $70 with all the other benefits that you might look in other fans.


  • Easy to install as screws were already there, where they ultimately needed to be rather than jumbled together in a bag.

  • Great ceiling fan at an affordable budget price


  • Not be mounted on angled ceiling

5. Portage Bay Low Ceiling Fan for Large Rooms

Portage Low ceiling fan for large rooms


  • Frosted cased white light kit
  • Dual finish fan blades
  • Reversible motor
Review Rating:


Portage bay is the best ideal fan for the low ceiling rooms. As this fan measures just 11.5 inches from bottom of the fans light fixture to ceiling.

This hugger ceiling fan is best for flush-mount installations when ceiling height is major concern for any rooms. But still this ceiling fan can move major part of air around the space.

It features with a reversible motor with a high-performance for powerful, yet quiet operation. The matt black finish on one side and Siberian Walnut blade finish on other side of the five blades add complementary to fans look.

The ceiling fan is equipped with lower frosted cased bowl light that provides provides great illumination. Light is fully dimmable, you can adjust the required brightness.

This ceiling fan is ideal for the rooms upto 400 square feet and blow high wind current throughout the room. The reversible function allows fan to use all year long.


  • Best for low height ceilings rooms
  • Low Cost fan
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Not remote compatible

6. Canarm 3 Blades 48 inch Ceiling Fan For Large Rooms

Canarm 3 Blades 48-Inch Ceiling Fan


  • Frosted glass kit
  • 3 reversible blades
  • Canopy type handheld remote
Review Rating:


The canarm​ fan has a smooth appearance with its 3 share edge blade and adjusted iridescent glass lighting. This fan optimizes air flow efficiency and style.

Canarm is compatible with Alexa, but you require bond hub to work with Alexa. All three blades of this fan are reversible with one side white and another side grey finish.

This fan is remote controlled and you can change three speed settings and light dimmer with handheld remote controller.

The 48 inch long span blades of this large ceiling fan creates high airflow around the room. 

This large room ceiling fan has suave look that amplifies your room appearance with its rounded frost glass lighting. 

This canarm ceiling fan is downrod mountable and utilizes 59 watts power to operate it smoothly. 


  • With bond hub it is compatible to Alexa.
  • Controlled with remote.


  • Old Design
  • Fitting Screw not included

7. Westinghouse Lighting 72 inch Great Room Fans

Westinghouse Lighting 72 inch Great Room Fans


  • Utilize 60% less energy
  • Dimmable LED light kit
  • Six-Speed Remote control
Review Rating:


This great room ceiling fans from Westinghouse lighting is appears very modern style and match with any home décor.

72 inch length of this fan makes it ideal for the large room ceiling fan that covers almost more than 225 square feet area of a room.

This large room ceiling fan uses energy efficient DC motor which utilizes almost 60% less energy as compared to other general ceiling fans. It helps in reducing operating costs.

The fan accompany integrated dimmable LED light kit with opal frosted glass to make it cost saving benefits.

The powerful high quality motor of this great room fans delivers high capacity airflow upto 7234 CFM.

Fan is easy to control with accompany hand held remote control which helps in setting six speeds and on/off ceiling fan and light with dimmable LED.

The fan motor is features reversible, so you can change the airflow direction in winter to utilize all year long.


  • Energy-efficient motor
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet operation


  • Light kit is not removable

8. Minka Aire F888-ORB Energy Efficient Large Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire F888-ORB Energy Efficient Large Ceiling Fan


  • Six-speed hand-held remote
  • Semi Spiral CFL Fluorescent bulb
  • Includes 3.5″ and 6″ Downrods
Review Rating:


This Minka Aire ceiling fan is preferable for outdoor use and made with high quality material.

The fan is perfect for the large rooms up to 400 square feet, as it has 65 inch large size that capable to move large amount of airflow.

This ceiling fan has eight blades which are all weather compatible with 14 degree blade pitch. All blades are coated with oil rubbed bronze that suits any stylish home theme.

The central bottom of ceiling fan is fitted with 18 watt CFL fluorescent bulb with tinted opal glass. The amazing thing is that 18 watt bulb in this fan is equivalent to 72 watt bulb in brightness.

You can mount fan on standard or angle ceiling with it’s accompany two downrods of 3.5 and 6 inches.

This large room ceiling fan is capable to move 8778 CFM airflow, which is almost high compared to other conventional ceiling fan.

The ceiling fan is ideal for high ceiling room. One can use large downrod to mount on high ceilings.

The fan is operated with included six speed remote control with reversible function and wall holder.


  • Highly balanced
  • Six-speed remote control
  • Two downrods of 3.5 and 6 inches
  • Bond compatible


  • Little Noisy

Key Factors to Consider for buying The Best Ceiling Fans for Large Rooms

Fans should be set in a decent area for an appropriate wind stream and relying upon the extent of your front room, you may need to introduce two fans so as to cool your space quicker. For wellbeing reasons, never place your lounge chair legitimately under the ceiling fan!

Ceiling Height and Fan Size

For large rooms, it’s ideal to buy a ceiling fan that is 42″ or bigger. Ceiling fans can go up to 52″, which is more than adequate for most large rooms, however, if your room is exceptionally too large, then you might need to get two fans.

Not every single living room are honored with a high roof, and if yours isn’t, flush mount roof fans are perfect for low hung roofs.

Best Ceiling fans size for different sizes Rooms

30″ ceiling fan for rooms up to 8′ x 10′ size

42″ ceiling fan for rooms up to 12′ x 12′ size

52″ ceiling fan for rooms up to 18′ x 20′ size

Location Of Ceiling Fan

On the off chance that you know the advantages of a ceiling fan yet have not contemplated where you need to hang it, this is the ideal opportunity to do as such. That can essentially affect the sort of fan you buy.

For instance, will the fan be in the focal point of the parlor or aside, permitting it to stretch out the breeze to a connecting room, as well. Is the space enormous or little? Is the best roof fan required inside or outside? Will it be on a yard? While it might appear as though there are a great deal of inquiries included, they are significant ones.

Some ceiling fans have evaluations that decide if the fan is best utilized for open air or indoor purposes. In the event that one of the spots you need to hang the fan is in a soggy zone, for example, a yard or restroom, counsel your project worker.

You should buy a fan that meets the wet/moist evaluations. This implies the roof fan will endure and withstand inordinate dampness from downpour, day off, and other severe climate.

Moreover, fans that meet this rating will have highlights like tempered steel equipment, every single climate sharp edge, and lodging that opposes rust. Keep in mind, albeit any outside fan can be utilized for indoor reason, the opposite isn’t accurate. Not all indoor ceiling fans can securely work outside.

Mounting Types

You will regularly hear “downrod” or “down bar” and “flush” while picking the best roof fan. It’s critical to give close consideration to the tallness of your roof so you can more readily decide the legitimate mount for it.

Preferably, from floor to cutting edge, the tallness of the roof fan ought to be around 8 feet. Shockingly, individuals don’t generally understand this and they mount fans excessively near the roof.

This regularly happens when property holders endeavor establishment themselves. In any case, when the fan is excessively near the roof it traps air and moves it around less.

Flush Mount

This is a commonplace mount. It is by a long shot the most widely recognized. The flush mount is ideal for ordinary to bring down roofs. Washrooms, rooms, visitor rooms, cellars regularly have flush mounts.

A decent tip to note is, whenever the situation allows, hang the roof fan in the room. On the off chance that that is absurd, permit at any rate a foot and a half between the sharp edges of the fan and the dividers.

Down Rod Mount

The best ceiling fans for lounges or stays with roofs higher than 8 feet commonly incorporate a downrod. As referenced, higher roofs require a more extended downrod. For those homes with an inclined or vaulted roof, the downrod should be between 8 to 9 feet from the floor.