Top 8 Best large Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings

Best large Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings (1)

If your are searching for a large ceiling fans for high ceilings that possesses all the necessary qualities can wind up overpowering with a large number of various ceiling fans to look over.

Almost many ceiling fan makers offer longer downrod sizes to suit for various ceiling statures, not all ceiling fans works similar when installed on a high ceiling.

Some fans are made exclusively for high ceilings.  That’s why we have done the exploration to present the best large ceiling fans for high ceilings.

Our top picks were picked for their construct quality, plans that limit wobbling and downrod accessibility to fit tall ceiling height.

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In many homes the common place ceiling tallness is 8 or 9 feet. Due to this most ceiling fans just incorporate 3″ or 6″ ceiling rods leaving those with higher ceilings requiring longer downrod to set for higher ceilings in their homes. The ceiling fans on this rundown all have accessible downrod for high ceilings installation.

Top Picked Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings

Star Rating
Minka lavery 56 ceiling fan with light for high ceilings

Minka lavery 56 ceiling fan with light for high ceilings

Star Rating
Long Downrod Large Ceiling Fan -Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial

Long Downrod Large Ceiling Fan -Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial

Best large Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings Review

1. Hunter Royal 60 inch High Ceiling fan

Hunter Royal 60 inch High Ceiling fan

The Hunter Royal Oak is one of the best ceiling fans available for enormous rooms with high ceilings. At 60″ inches it’s the ideal size for huge parlors or fantastic rooms and it’s incorporated tri-mount framework permits the ceiling fan to be introduced on a vaulted ceiling ideal out of the case.

Cleaning your ceiling fan when you have high ceilings can be a very difficult. Yet with Hunters specialized anti-dust “Dust Armor” covering on the sharp edges makes you can hope to need to tidy less regularly leaving you more opportunity to make the most of your fan.

This ceiling fan is ideal for the individuals who appreciate the great look of a conventional ceiling fan and it’s dark Cherry/Medium Oak cutting edges gives it an enchanting vibe. On the off chance that you are searching for a ceiling fan with long downrod, at that point you’ll be satisfied to realize that Hunter offers longer downrods for this model so you can position the ceiling fan to your needs paying little heed to how tall your ceiling might be.

2. Monte Carlo 60 inch Maverick Modern Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo 60 inch Maverick Modern Ceiling Fan

I can’t express enough great words about the Maverick Max ceiling fans. Everything from the engine innovation to the craftsmanship of the cutting edges is top of the line.

On the off chance that you are searching for the best large ceiling fans for high ceilings, at that point the Maverick Max is certainly worth a more intensive look. How about we begin with the excellent high quality balsa wood cutting edges.

For a three edge structure Monte Carlo worked superbly at ensuring the edges are splendidly adjusted for a wobble free moving. Those with enormous indoor spaces that require a huge fan will love what this fan brings to the table with regards to execution.

The included engine is a smaller ultra-quiet DC engine that is murmur calm execution even at it’s most extreme setting.

We prescribe this fan to anybody searching for a best large ceiling fans for high ceilings. Accessible in numerous sizes and wood completes, the fan was intended for open air use at the top of the priority list.

Yet, it likewise makes an awesome indoor fan in enormous main rooms, family rooms and incredible rooms. The monte carlo maverick max is a delightful articulation fan that is certain to blow some people’s minds.

3. Minka lavery 56” ceiling fan with light for high ceilings

Minka lavery 56” ceiling fan with light for high ceilings

In the event that you are searching for high ceiling fans with lights, at that point the minka lavery symbio merits a more intensive look. We totally love this ceiling fan both for it’s cutting edge structure and most recent engine innovation.

The minka lavery symbio utilizes a ultra quiet DC engine which takes into account the fan configuration to be conservative enough to maintain a strategic distance from superfluous commotion or rattling that is normal with many lower quality ceiling fans.

The symbio is outstanding amongst other ceiling fans for high ceilings because of it’s 5 adjusted sharp edges that won’t cause downrod wobbling on high settings.

Apart from this advanced fan configuration will be satisfied to realize that it is accessible in numerous shading choices from brushed nickel, white to oil-scoured bronze. This fan incorporates a 6 inch downrod however minka works superbly offering any longer downrod expansions for high ceilings.

At 56 inch edge clear the minka lavery symbio is more qualified for huge rooms, front rooms and terrific rooms and will go splendidly with modern day and contemporary stylistic layout.

4. Emerson CF930BS Atomical 52-Inch Modern Indoor Ceiling Fan

Emerson CF930BS Atomical 52-Inch Modern Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Emerson Atomical is an incredible fan that is appropriate for both indoor and outside spaces, for example, secured patios, sun rooms and gazebos. The style is contemporary and modern day while maintain high performance for feel.

We prescribe this ceiling fan for high ceilings as a result of it’s 5 superbly adjusted cutting edges that significantly decline the chances of wobbling when introduced on a long downrod. Pair this cutting edge offset with the fan’s high evaluation engine and you have a murmur calm ceiling fan that you can appreciate in rooms, family rooms and secured outside spaces.

The included 60 watt light pack makes the atomical an extraordinary choice for those of you searching for ceiling fans with lights for high ceilings.

The fan additionally incorporates a spread plate on the off chance that you like to introduce the atomical without lights. Despite the fact that the included downrod is just 4-1/2 inches Emerson makes obtaining a more drawn out downrod a simple and reasonable update.

On the off chance that you are searching for ceiling fans with long downrods for your high ceiling then the emerson atomical combined with a more drawn out downrod is an extraordinary decision.

5. Minka Aire F524 52″ Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire F524 52 Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire has hit a grand slam with it’s roto ceiling fan. Highlighting a light weight and excessively calm DC engine this murmur calm fan is ideal for rooms and family rooms where clamor fan can be a worry.

It’s cutting blades configuration gives it clean modern motivated look that looks with the present contemporary stylistic theme. Numerous shading choices enable this fan to be fused to any indoor space.

This fan also to be mounted on spaces with vaulted or slanted roofs. For those of your with slanted ceilings the roto ceiling fan is an extraordinary decision.

Vaulted ceiling connector Included with the fan that can be mounted up to 21° and an extra Minka Aire ceiling connector (21° to 45°) is accessible independently.

The long downrod of this fan helps to mount on high ceilings for proper air flow.

6. Westinghouse 7802400 Downrod Mount High Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse large ceiling fan for high ceiling

A decent enormous ceiling fans for high roofs don’t need to cost a lot. It’s conceivable to locate an incredible, classy and sensible estimated fan in the event that you look hard enough.

In reality as we know it where low costs are equivalent word of low quality, finding as well as can be expected be dubious however don’t stress, we made the difficult work for you.

In the event that you are searching for a quality fan in a financial limit the Westinghouse 7802400 high mount is the divinely selected individual.

This fan has 52″ sharp edges, that is ideal for huge rooms. Its downrod makes it perfect for high ceilings.

The silicon steel engine with triple capacitor makes a solid and ground-breaking fan with a wind stream of 4726 CFM and a wind stream proficiency of 73 CFM per watt. Ideal for rooms up to 360 sq ft.

It has a three reversible speed pull chain control, makes it fundamental and ideal for an individual who needs a decent downrod ceiling fan with a low cost and incredible quality.

7. Long Downrod Large Ceiling Fan -Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial

Long Downrod Large Ceiling Fan -Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial

This westinghouse 7861400 ceiling fan is the best ceiling fans for high ceilings. The length of that bar must be dictated by roof tallness, in light of the fact that the ceiling fan must be mounted 8 feet over the floor (10 foot for steel sharp edge fan) for best execution.

For instance, if the ceiling is 10 feet in height, and the ceiling fan is 12 inches in tallness, you will require a 1-foot downrod. Most downrod mount ceiling fan have a long bar yet you could locate a more drawn out one.

The first class long downrod large ceilig fan is the Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial. Made in steel, this strong 56″ fan is made to stand up to.

It has an incredible engine that ensures a productive air flow of 7105 CFM and a wind stream effectiveness of 113 CFM per watt. The Westinghouse has a 5 speed wall control unit.

8. The Biggest Ceiling Fan -Hunter 55042 Stockbridge

The Biggest Ceiling Fan

An immense live with high ceilings needs a ceiling fan amazing and huge enough to cover all that space productively. Enormous cutting edges are required in these cases. The Hunter 55042 Stockbridge offers a 70 inch-distance across, 5 reversible pressed wood sharp edges covered with Hunter’s protected Dust reinforcement, a nanotechnology coat that repulses dust. This fan has a calm look and a peaceful engine. Made with their selective WhisperWind engine, offers a wind stream limit of 7911 CFM.

This downrod mount large ceiling fan can be constrained by a draw chain, that will give you a chance to pick one of its 3 speeds and switch work. Outfitted with a three-light framework, you couldn’t discover a roof fan with this size and quality so sensibly evaluated. A few purchasers says that it’s the best large ceiling fans for high ceilings and even introduced 24 feet above you’ll have the option to feel their capacity.

Things to Consider While Choosing Best Large Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings

  • Engine Quality

A ceiling fan with an excessive amount of wobble or that causes commotion to can be avoid by picking a ceiling fan with a top notch engine. Top notch engines for the most part come as ultra-calm DC engines and superior motor. Albeit increasingly costly, these ceiling fans are typically made with the most recent innovation that takes into account a tranquil ceiling fan that endures longer and runs smoother than it’s less expensive motor engines.

  • Keep away from cheap ceiling fan models

Albeit modest ceiling fans from huge box and home improvement stores may appear as though an extraordinary arrangement they do include some significant downfalls. Less expensive ceiling fan producers in many cases cut expenses by giving up on downgrade engine quality. These fans as a rule utilize less expensive materials like tin and sheet metal that outcome in undesirable rattling when the fan is being used. Likewise, as referenced above, trashy engines that can add to commotion after some time.

  • Pick a well-balanced large ceiling fan for high ceilings

Those homes with high ceilings may think that its difficult to remove slight ceiling fan wobbling however the great new is that picking a top notch ceiling fan will maintain a strategic distance from undesirable clamor and altogether reduction of wobbling. Fan wobbling and influencing is because of an unevenness of the edges where one side or sharp edge gauges more than the remainder of the edge length. Look out for ceiling fans whose fan sharp edges come offset of the container as those will better suite your needs.

Weight dissemination additionally becomes an integral factor with regards to an impeccably adjusted fan. A general guideline is that fans with 4 or 5 fan sharp edges have preferred weight dissemination over a 2 or 3 edge ceiling fan. The more edges a ceiling fan has the better the equalization and less it will wobble when being used as the heaviness of the fan sharp edges will keep it from moving excessively. Except for higher end 3 cutting edge DC engine ceiling fans, stay away from less expensive 2 or 3 sharp edge fan in the event that you wish to abstain from wobbling when utilizing your large ceiling fan with a more extended downrod. To figure out how cutting edge check influences parity and air dissemination read our guide to how to choose ceiling fan.

  • Picking the correct size downrod for high ceilings

The perfect ceiling fan height is 8 or 9 feet from the floor. This tallness will enable you to feel the most air development when the fan is running. Most ceiling fans incorporate a 3″ or 6″ downrod which is ideal for run of the common ceilings. But for those with higher ceilings, the included downrod in most ceiling fans will be excessively short and an extra ceiling fan downrod should be obtained. You can utilize the outline beneath to figure out which downrod size is best for your dependent on your ceiling stature or look at our guide How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan Size for a more top to bottom see how to pick the best ceiling fan size for your space.

  • Wind Stream Flow

Wind stream is estimated in CFM or cubic feet per minute of wind stream. This numbers says the measure of air uprooted when is working. Notwithstanding, a high CFM doesn’t imply that a fan is better or all the more dominant on the grounds that CFM isn’t the proportion of the breeze speed that makes the breeze. CFM is valuable to know whether that fan will be sufficient to cover the space. The CFM must be from 4000 to 5000 for a decent presentation, 5000 to 6000 to better execution and more than 6000 generally advantageous. Focus on wind speed and search for 3.5 or 4 MPH or more.

  • Energy Efficiency

Focus on the engine, since this will decide the wind current and energy effectiveness. Current huge ceiling fans for high ceilings have DC engines or Energy STAR-evaluated ones. DC Motors are littler, lighter and are made to produce more torque, and are more energy effective; while Energy Star-evaluated can have distinctive development or framework (stack, standard, metal ball, among others) however paying little heed to this they should meet a truly thorough arrangement of criteria to win that seal.

  • Clamor Level

Understand audits or straightforwardly request the commotion level. Some huge roof fans can be truly loud and this could be an issue for certain spots or people. Mind that DC engines are tranquil, anyway there will be in every case some sort of clamor made by development and power. On the off chance that a roof fan has a spinning irritating sound it could be fixed by including some little weight that adjusts the sharp edges and keep them enduring.

  • Fan Control and Features

Fan controls and additional highlights can add a great deal to the last cost of huge roof fans for high roofs. Fundamental fans have a force chain control, yet the advanced and extravagant ones can have a remote control.

  • Number of Fan Blades

A great many people feels that more cutting edges are equivalent to increasingly cool wind, yet this isn’t valid, in any event not any longer. Number of cutting edges are more an elaborate decision than an effectiveness related one gratitude to new innovation and engine types. Ceiling fans have diverse number of sharp edges so as to speak to various tastes and enriching styles.

  • Style and Look of Fan

There are four famous materials that are generally used to get done with roof edges: MDF, metal, wood, and plastic. Every material has their very own preferences and could influence the last cost. Most points of interest are identified with tasteful and solidness than work.

MDF is the most economical and could look great yet isn’t appropriate for outside. Plastic is reasonable and concedes a great deal of expressive opportunity since it very well may be formed in any shape and can be utilized in any condition. Wood looks extravagant and lavish, can be cut and styled and are best for indoor applications. Metal edges are famous on large ceiling fans for high ceilings, yet should be hung at 10′ or higher.

Before purchasing the best large ceiling fans for high ceilings recall that the most significant detail is the thing that you truly need and need. Consider your fantasy place: the style, embellishment, shading and vibe. Since you have the information, you’ll have the option to discover a ceiling fan that can be a piece of that vision that can make you cool and upbeat.

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