best mini tower fan

This mini tower fan also called by various names – smaller than expected, little, work area, table, work area tower fan – however basically, they mean something very similar. A mini tower fan is one that is in any event multiple times littler than the standard, taller model, so it has the upside of being amazingly versatile. Due to its size and light weight, a tabletop tower fan can sit easily on your office work area, under your table, or on the floor close to your bed.

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So this makes one wonder? Which is the best mini tower fan accessible on the web? Not all brands are made equivalent, as you probably are aware, however to save you time doing the examination, here’s our best small tower fan list.

Top 5 Best Mini Tower Fan

1. Lasko 4916 Mini Tower Fan

Lasko 4916 Mini Tower Fan


Just 14 inches tall, the Lasko 4916 highlights two rotating fan areas to cover more space during activity. Much the same as its taller partners, this small scale tower fan likewise has 3 speed settings, is ETL-recorded, and has a melded security plug. It weighs just 4.2 pounds.

How can it passage among past purchasers? Here’s an outlined buyer report.

It’s a durable fan.

It has incredible air yield. One individual says it “truly moves the air.”

It’s not the calmest tower fan. On the most elevated setting, a few people have portrayed it to be “boisterous” and at times “uproarious.”

You can to be sure position the two fans in inverse ways, subsequently expanding the inclusion territory.

It doesn’t have a remote control.

2. MineTom 14.4″ Mini Tower Fan

MineTom 14.4″ Mini Tower Fan


This fan is somewhat lighter than the Lasko 4916, this mini tower fan measures 14.4-inch small tower fan from MineTom weighs 3.6 pounds. In any case, much the same as the Lasko, it likewise has three speed settings low medium and high, it’s ETL-recorded, and assembling isn’t required as it is fully assembled.

3. Lasko 4917 Platinum Desktop Wind Mini Tower Fan

Lasko 4917 Platinum Desktop Wind Mini Tower Fan

Here’s another little tower fan from Lasko, the Platinum Desktop Wind Mini Tower fan. Much the same as the 4916, the Lasko 4917 is a multi-directional fan, what with its two fans that can move in inverse headings. It has 3 speed settings, weighs just 2.8 pounds, and is just measures 14 inches tall.

Does it sit well among buyers? This is what we gotten some answers concerning the item.

Sure, it can move in inverse ways, however being a work area tower fan, don’t expect that the inclusion region is extremely wide. As per one purchaser, it can cover a zone of “around 3-4 feet, even on most elevated setting.”

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It has a little impression, so capacity isn’t an issue.

When it comes to commotion, this fan hasn’t been depicted as calm. Indeed, a few clients state it’s very uproarious.

4. Bionaire BT014-U Mini Tower Fan

Bionaire BT014-U small Tower Fan


The Bionaire BT014-U is a 13-inch tabletop tower fan that has 4 fastens on its top – the power button, the swaying catch, and 2 catches for speed settings. It weighs just 3.7 pounds.

As per purchasers, this work area tower fan courses air pleasantly and keeps the room cool, yet one of the objections is the commotion it makes particularly at the higher setting.

5. Honeywell HTF210B Personal Mini Tower Fan

Honeywell HTF210B Personal small Tower Fan

What does this individual small tower fan have that the rest don’t? Much the same as other some taller Honeywell models, the 13-inch HTF210B is outfitted with QuietSet Technology, which gives you 4 speed alternatives to browse – rest, white noise, and power cool. It likewise has a programmed stopped clock, and it sways. It weighs just 2 pounds.

In view of customer input and remarks, here are the Honeywell HTF210B’s advantages and disadvantages.

It’s tranquil, even on the most elevated setting.

It has a not too bad wind stream, yet it’s not as amazing as its bigger partners.

The edges are excessively little. In any event two individuals even compared it to a “PC fan.”

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