Best Modern Ceiling Fans without Light in 2020

Among the huge number of ceiling fans that accompany lights, finding a modern ceiling fans without light can be some difficult task.

At the point when the climate will get incredibly hot in summer, whatever your spending limit might be, you would need to keep your ceiling fan or your air conditioner persistently on. As constantly working air conditioner systems can be somewhat costly and out of spending plan for certain individuals, they would like to utilize modern ceiling fans. Modern Ceiling fans are one of the savviest methods for keeping your space cool, as they don’t require a lot of power to work.

Modern Ceiling fans that accompany lights look extraordinary, yet there are situations when you may require a ceiling fan without lights. Possibly you as of now have enough lighting in your room, or you don’t care for lights with ceiling fans rather you incline toward isolated lighting units, for example, wall sconces or crystal fixtures. Whatever the case might be, here are the best modern ceiling fans without lights available.

Top Modern Ceiling Fans without Light

1. Minka-Aire 3 Distressed Koa Blades Modern Ceiling Fan without Light

Minka-Aire 3 Distressed Koa Blades Modern Ceiling Fan without Light

The Minka-Aire F843-DK is an easy to use modern ceiling fans without light that accompanies a remote control framework and can likewise work with Alexa. This ceiling fan accompanies three troubled koa sharp edges and is reasonable for indoor use.

In the event that you don’t care to stroll towards the switch on your wall to control your ceiling fan once in a while, this contemporary ceiling fan without light can facilitate the errand for you! It accompanies a handheld remote control framework – with which, you can control your ceiling fan from anyplace in the room. The remote control accompanies three speeds for the ceiling fan.

Another contemporary component that this ceiling fan is that it can work with Alexa – which is Amazon’s remote helper, much the same as Apple’s Siri. To utilize this ceiling fan with Alexa, you have to have a Bond center point – which doesn’t land with the ceiling fan and is sold independently. When you prevail with regards to interfacing it with Alexa, it will get simpler for you to control the ceiling fan. You don’t need to search for the handheld remote control and can essentially address Alexa to control the fan.

We arranged this ceiling fan as outstanding amongst other Modern ceiling fans without lights in view of its specialized progressions just as contemporary look. The troubled koa finish of the cutting edges of this ceiling fan is one of its exceptional highlights.


  • Compatible with Alexa if you buy Bond Hub
  • Include Remote Control
  • Unique Design


  • Not suitable for Outdoor Use

2. Casa Vieja Interceptor Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan without Light

Casa Vieja Interceptor Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan without Light


The Casa Vieja Interceptor Modern Ceiling Fan is an advanced ceiling fan that accompanies a remote control framework. It has three 58″ sharp edges that are oil-scoured and have a bronze completion – giving them a smooth and current look.       

Casa Vieja likewise remembered their clients comfort and made a point to incorporate a remote control framework with this ceiling fan. Accordingly, with the handheld remote control framework, you are not required to stroll towards the switches on the wall to control your roof fan. The remote control of this ceiling fan accompanies five distinct velocities to browse.

This ceiling fan is moist appraised, which implies that you can put it in clammy areas. A few instances of sodden areas incorporate outside, where it could rain, or washrooms, where some water could be spilled towards the ceiling fan.

In the event that you are searching for a cutting edge looking fan to coordinate your home’s advanced stylistic theme, at that point this Asian style ceiling fan may very well be what you need. It accompanies three 58″ sharp edges that have an oil-scoured bronze completion. The bronze completion gives this roof fan a cutting edge and smooth look.


  • Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor
  • Sleek and Modern Look
  • Damp Rated


  • Available only in one Color

3. Matthews EKH-WH-WH Eliza 56″ Modern Outdoor Hugger Ceiling Fan

Matthews EKH-WH-WH Eliza 56 Modern Outdoor Hugger Ceiling Fan


The Matthews EKH-WH-WH Eliza is an advanced looking ceiling fan that has 3 sharp edges of 56″ each. It is a position of safety ceiling fan that accompanies a remote control framework that gives 6 velocities to browse.

With this ceiling fan, you can either utilize the decora-style wall control or the handheld remote control that accompanies this ceiling fan. The remote control comprises of 6 speeds with reversible capacity, enabling you to pick the specific speed that makes you feel the most agreeable.

It tends to be a serious test to search for the correct ceiling fan if your home has low roofs. In the event that that is your case, ceiling fans like this one is certainly what you need. This ceiling fan by Matthews is a hugger or low profile contemporary-style ceiling fan that is appropriate for roofs with the stature of 7’10” or higher.

This modern ceiling fan merits a great deal of commendations for being staggeringly peaceful when it works. In addition to the fact that it operates discreetly, however it likewise moves a ton of air! It accompanies a reversible DC engine that furnishes this ceiling fan with a high torque at a low speed. Accordingly, it gives more noteworthy wind current and devours less energy.


  • Best Hugger ceiling fan
  • Very Quiet at any speed
  • Energy Efficient


  • Very Expensive

4. Monte Carlo Maverick Energy Star 60” Modern Ceiling Fan without Light 

Monte Carlo Maverick Energy Star 60'' Modern Ceiling Fan without Light


The Monte Carlo Maverick is a modern ceiling fan that accompanies 3 sharp edges and 6 speed reversible engine. It is an actually propelled ceiling fan that accompanies a remote control framework and can work with Alexa.

The exactness adjusted engine and sharp edges of this ceiling fan guarantee that it doesn’t encounter any wobbling when it works. Therefore, this ceiling fan is pleasantly tranquil when it works. Likewise, it has a 13 degree cutting edge pitch, which guarantees solid air flow.

Monte Carlo is known for making their ceiling fans in fact progressed, so they certainly needed to incorporate a remote control framework with this roof fan to ease things for their clients. The handheld remote control accompanies 6 velocities to browse.

Discussing trend setting innovation, this ceiling fan can likewise work with Alexa. You simply need to get yourself a Bond center point, which is independently sold, so as to associate this roof fan with Alexa. With this element, you don’t have to search for your handheld remote control, you can essentially converse with Alexa and control the ceiling fan, how advantageous!


  • Compatible with Alexa

  • Balanced Motor For wobble free Execution
  • Damp rated and suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor


  • Expensive Fan

5. Emerson Prima Snugger Modern Ceiling Fan without Light

Emerson Prima Snugger Modern Ceiling Fan without Light

This Emerson Ceiling Fan is an energy proficient ceiling fan that accompanies 5 reversible cutting edges. It is a position of safety, indoor-accommodating roof fan that accompanies a wall control that comprises of 4 speeds.

This fan is required to fit any stylistic theme as it comes in three styles and four hues. The styles are “Modern”, “Prima”, and “Prima Snugger”. What’s more, the hues are “Brushed steel”, “Oil scoured bronze”, “Venetian Bronze”, and “Glossy silk white”. With these style and shading alternatives, it ought to be genuinely simple to pick one that accommodates your style and stylistic layout.

In cases that you discover mistake in this ceiling fan’s material or workmanship, Emerson is prepared to make up for them. Emerson gives a constrained lifetime guarantee to the engine of this roof fan, which is an extraordinary confirmation for the clients. With respect to different parts and frill identified with the fan, Emerson covers a 1-year guarantee period for them.

Albeit, at first, this flush mount ceiling fan comes without lights, it is light pack versatile. As it were, you can add a light installation to this roof fan on the off chance that you need a coursing gleam in your rooms. Nonetheless, remember it that adding lights to your ceiling fans will build the fan’s energy utilization.


  • Suitable For Low ceiling and Small Room
  • Light Kit compatible


  • Not include remote control

  • Not damp Rated

How does a Modern Ceiling Fans without Light Advantage My Space?

Modern Ceiling fan are more famous than any other time in recent memory, accessible in a wide scope of sizes, styles, and material alternatives. Choosing the best current fan for a space isn’t constantly self-evident, be that as it may, yet start by considering the numerous advantages of a ceiling fan.

  • Air Circulation and Temperature Control

Any individual who’s relaxed in the delicate breezes of a ceiling fan realizes that focal cooling is no counterpart for the general air quality and, contingent upon how hot it is, the solace level a roof fan gives. The cruelty of focal air, both on the skin and to the climate, makes it a fundamental abhorrence on the most sweltering days, yet ceiling fans, flaunting the most recent in air dissemination innovation, can help arrive at ideal temperatures inside a room or house consistently.

  • Energy Efficiency

Modern ceiling fans utilize significantly less energy than cooling units or focal cooling, making them a more eco-accommodating choice for controlling temperatures at home or business office. And keeping in mind that roof fans might be related basically with the hotter months, they can, truth be told, help in temperature control all year. During the colder months, fans encourage an all the more even course and dispersion of warm air, amplifying the viability of a home’s warming framework.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Options

Modern ceiling fans are perfect for both indoor outside spaces. Introduced in outside spaces like yards, decks, porches or halfway open spaces like rooms that can be completely opened to the outside, ceiling fans can produce breezes on a still day, or enhance and all the more equally disperse leaving breezes all through a space. Accomplishing a similar cooling result through focal air is both troublesome and massively inefficient. One other preferred position of ceiling fans in open spaces: their job as creepy crawly repellent, on account of the consistent air development they create.

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