Best Ceiling Fan Alternatives for Low Ceilings Room

best ceiling fan alternatives for low ceilings

If you live in a home with low ceilings, you’ll know that it can be difficult to find the perfect ceiling fan for your space. There are so many different styles and options available, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you.

Fortunately, there are some great ceiling fan alternatives for low ceilings rooms, and you can use these to create a unique look in your space that’s both practical and attractive.

If you live in an apartment, condo or townhouse with a low ceiling, you might find yourself looking for some creative alternatives to your typical ceiling fan. Here are some ideas for cool, unique, and affordable ceiling fan alternatives for your home.

There are many ceiling fan alternative available instead of using a ceiling fan. Like AC, Floor Fan, Box Fan, Wall Fan, Window Fan etc.

In this article, we are going to list the best ceiling fan alternatives to low ceilings.

Ceiling Fan Alternatives for Low Ceilings

Tower Fan

tower fan alternative to ceiling fan

A tower fan is the most functional choice if the ceiling in your room is a piece low and you have restricted space. A tower fan is a tall electric fan that is sufficiently thin to be placed at the edge of a room. It’s ideal for use in condominiums, lofts, and little rooms because it won’t occupy a lot of room.

There are different benefits to having a tower fan in your room. For one’s purposes, it comes in different styles and plans so you can pick one that suits you. It is also genuinely reasonable. When it comes to comfort, most tower fan models have regulators that allow you to change their speed settings from any point in the room.

In the event that you have little kids, tower fans are great. The edges of the fan are encased in a unit, meaning little children won’t have the option to put their fingers in the fan. Due to it’s size, a tower fan doesn’t have much of a stretch fit in the squeezed region of your home.

A bladeless tower fan is something that you might be interested in. This is a kind of tower fan without an edge, as you might think from the name. It works at a calmer level than a bladed tower fan because it gives a smoother wind current.

It is accompanied by highlights like ionization. It won’t come as a surprise that a bladeless tower fan will be energy proficient and simple to perfect. It would be great to hack up something like $100 for this kind of fan.

Tower fans have their part to play. It tends to be stronger than the electric fans. It won’t be close to the cooling impact of a cooling unit on a room of its size. If you pick a tower fan instead of an AC unit, you can get lower power bills.

Top Picked Best Tower Fans to Buy

Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

The Good

  • Air Multiplier technology
  • 10% less Power Consumed
  • Sleep Timer
  • Easy to Clean
  • Remote Control

The Bad

  • High Price

Pros of Tower Fan

Since you can pick tower fans with more features as an alternative to the ceiling fan, it’s genuinely simple to discover one that will be within your budget.

Tower fans that have remotes can without much of a stretch be controlled from anyplace in your home.

Since they have various diverse speed settings you can undoubtedly control how quickly the fan works and how much air it moves around in your home.

Indeed, even the more affordable models as a rule accompany various highlights with the goal that you will take advantage of your new fan.

There isn’t any security worry with tower fans, as the fan sharp edges are on the whole securely encased inside the unit. This implies kids won’t most likely unintentionally put their fingers into the fan and hurt them on the cutting edges.

Because of their shape, you can without much of a stretch fit tower fans into littler or progressively confined territories of your home. They look incredible when put in a corner and won’t stand out the way that different sorts of fans will.

Cons of Tower Fans

Tragically, tower fans are not a decent substitution for cooling, as they don’t have the power expected to cool a huge space as compared to the air conditioners.

While most tower fans are generally tranquil, there are a few models that are more intense than pedestal fans, so it’s imperative to do your examination before making a buy.

These fans do waver, yet it is difficult to change the wind current up and down, which makes it hard to control precisely what region of the room will be influenced by the fan.

Pedestal Fan

pedestal fan alterbnative to ceiling fan

A tower fan and a pedestal fan are the same thing. The pedestal fan is taller than the tower fan. Its level can go from 16 crawls up to 48 inches. It’s marginally greater than a tower fan and can occupy a critical room. There are a few benefits of using a pedestal fan, which might encourage you to think about it as an option in contrast to ceiling fans.

For one’s purposes, you have control over the wind current and where it goes with a pedestal fan. It is possible to shift its head all over or side to side. If you keep it consistent, you could have the fan impact the air directly into you.

Changing the fan speed settings is also possible. You have control over the amount of air in your room, that’s what this means. If your relatives or visitors get cold, you can either bring down the fan speed setting or have the fan blow in another place.

There are drawbacks to using a pedestal fan in your home. It is possible that it is a blemish in light of its size. Since it is marginally greater than a tower fan, a pedestal fan might occupy some valuable space in your room. It was an unfortunate decision for the little rooms.

An AC unit or even a ceiling fan can bring down the temperature in a lounge during the warm summer season, but a pedestal fan will most likely be unable to do the same. It doesn’t scatter warm air because it merely moves air in your space. In this way, the air it courses might be warm, especially during a hot summer day.

Top Picked Best Pedestal Fans to Buy

Rowenta Turbo Silence Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Best Garage gym Pedestal Fan Rowenta VU5550 Turbo Silence Oscillating Fan

The Good

  • Extremely Silent Technology
  • Powerful airflow
  • 5 speed settings
  • Compact remote control
  • Adjustable height from 42″ to 54″

The Bad

  • Not Found

Pros of Pedestal Fan

It’s extraordinarily simple to control your wind stream and which heading it is going in when you utilize a Pedestal fan.

Since you can tilt the header of the fan all the side, you can settle on a coordinated impact of cooler air in your home or enable the fan to move delicately from side to side.

Being able to alter your fan speed implies that you can control how much air flows in your home and whether it will be awkward for individuals in your space.

On the off chance that individuals get chilled, you can undoubtedly alter the fan to blow in another direction without affecting the wind stream in your home.

Pedestal fans are commonly incredible because of their bigger cutting edges and huge fan zone.

They can without much of a stretch, flow air in an enormous space.

Cons of Pedestal Fan

Shockingly, Pedestal fans don’t do a lot to improve the decor of your home and can be thought of as blemish.

Since Pedestal fans are so amazing, they are not perfect for use in littler spaces. In the event that you do attempt to utilize a Pedestal fan in a little room, at that point you may experience issues warding off papers from being blown or finding the correct speed for your solace level.

Pedestal fans don’t improve the air quality in your home. They essentially move the air that is now in your space around to make you feel cooler.

Any residue that gathers on the fan edges can be spread all through the room when the fan is turned on.

These fans will in general be a lot noisier than different alternatives.

Table Fan

table fan alternative to ceiling fan

There are a few similitudes given to the box fan by the table fan. It’s small and versatile, so you can put it wherever you want. A small fan is meant to cool a space or individual close by. In comparison to a ceiling fan, it is a modest and energy effective option.

A table fan is easy to understand and there’s a compelling reason to introduce it. As a result of its reduced size, you can put it anyplace you want. It is usually accompanied by a rope that you can associate with a divider outlet. A table fan can be used in various parts of the house because of its compactness.

The controller that most table fans come with would allow you to change fan speed without any problem. The controller can be used to turn on and off the table fan, as well as change its wavering.

A table fan can help with the dispersion of air. It can help keep your room cooler. Everybody can feel the breeze of the table fan when it pivots up to 180 degrees.

This ceiling fan is also a financial plan. A table fan costs less than a ceiling fan. 50 to 100 watt is how much energy it consumes. If you compare that to the 900 watts of force expected by a climate control system, you can imagine how much reserve funds you can save.

The utilization of table fans has its drawbacks, despite the large number of upsides. The table fans have blades that pivot rapidly. While the cutting edges are confined inside a case, there is room for small children to put their fingers inside. If you have small children in your family, you might need to consider using a table fan.

One issue with using a table fan is that it can be hard to clean. To get to the edges, you will have to open up the enclosure. It is possible to clean the edges with a fabric at that time. It isn’t that simple to keep a table fan.

Top Picked Best Table Fan to Buy

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Table Fan

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Table Fan

The Good

  • 90 Degree Pivoting Head
  • Small Fan for Table
  • Aerodynamic turbo design
  • 185 CFM for optimal comfort

The Bad

  • Not ideal for large space

Pros of Table Fan

The table fan is portable and easy to handle, so you can carry it anywhere and anytime when you want.

Consumes less power as compared to a ceiling fan or any other fan.

Best for individual use as it will small in size and throw airflow in a specific particular direction which you set.

Table fan is budget-friendly so anyone can afford this.

Cons of Table Fan

Not as effective when you are searching for a cooling solution for a large room.

The airflow of the table fan not much as compared with other types of fan.

Table fan produces some murmur-type sound that might disturb you while you are resting.

Wall Mount Fan

best alternatives to ceiling fan - wall mount fan

Similar to a tower fan, a wall mounted fan can be used as an alternative to a ceiling fan. Assuming you have a low roof, this would work well. One benefit of a wall fan is that it usually accompanies a wavering capacity, something that a conventional ceiling fan doesn’t have.

The wall mounted fan is fastened on the wall. There are different sizes from 12 to 30 inches. Normally, it is positioned at eye level. It would be at a protected separation away from pets and little children. It is possible to change the speed settings with a dial on the unit, controller, or hanging line.

A wall mounted fan would need the same establishment as a ceiling fan. A wall fan is also good for use outside. Wall mounted fans have a clouding element that helps bring down the outside air temperature.

Top Picked Best Wall Mount Fan to Buy

Hurricane 20 Inch High-Velocity Wall Mount Fan

Hurricane 20 Inch High Velocity Wall Mount Fan

The Good

  • Oscillation & Tilt
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Safe & Versatile Design
  • ETL listed

The Bad

  • No remote control

Can a wall mount fan be an alternative to the ceiling fan in the bedroom?

In spite of its modest value, the latest wall fan is additionally furnished with a remote controller, so we can turn it on/off, control the fan speed, and set the clock on the lounge chair or bed. In any case, the deficiency is that the remote doesn’t have an LED show.

What’s more, the wall mount fan is an incredible choice for a room in view of its peaceful engine sharp edge and wavering confine. We can likewise set the clock, so the fan will be turned off without anyone else’s input.

Window Fan

ceiling fan alternatives - window fan

On the off chance that you wish to keep up a decent wind stream and convection in a little estimated room with a low roof, a window fan would be a brilliant alternative option to the ceiling fan. The twin cutting edges can invigorate the air inside the little room, so we can continue breathing in outside air when resting. It is valuable for sleepers’ wellbeing.

Because of the reversible engine, this fan can intake or exhaust the air in the room. It very well may be put on the window outline, so it assists trade with airing inside and outside. In any case, would it be a good idea for me to admission or release the gas? It relies upon air outside the window and the temperature.

For example, we shouldn’t set the window fan to allow the air from outside if the air quality is poor, says there is a development work by your windows. On the off chance that we admissibility the air, we will likewise get the residue and different particles in the room. For this situation, we can deplete the air to the outside.

Top Picked Best Window Fan to Buy

Holmes Dual 8 Inch Blade Twin Window Fan

Holmes Dual 8 Inch Blade Twin Window Fan

The Good

  • Adjustable extender screen
  • Reversible motors
  • Comfort Control Thermostat
  • Fits Virtually All Windows

The Bad

  • No remote control

Another circumstance is that if your room is cold and there is daylight outside your home. We can allow the sightseeing, so your room gets hotter. In summer, despite what might be expected, on the off chance that you feel blistering in the room, we can fumes the gas outside, which lessens the room temperature.

In this manner, when choosing the bearing of the wind stream, we have to think about the result and what result might we want to accomplish. The best thing about the roof fan elective is that the Holmes’ double sharp edge window fan has a reversible cutting edge engine, so it gives high adaptability with regards to air course bearing. Furthermore, the two individual fans can have various bearings simultaneously, says one is admitting air and another is depleting.

Why do we have to search for Ceiling fan Alternatives?

A ceiling fan is noisy as compared to other fans

As numerous ceiling fans accompany calm engines, they may create clamor after a specific timeframe because of wearing. The release screws would prompt critical engine sound, which is very aggravating for sleepers. Plus, because of its massive size, weight moves may happen. The imbalanced fan cutting edges may likewise accelerate the ceiling fan tearing. In the event that you need to keep a calm ceiling fan, we may need to assess the fan normally; along these lines, some property holders will search for ceiling fan alternatives that are less boisterous.

Stand fan, table fan, or other cooling gadgets having littler cutting edges could be calmer. Numerous items guaranteed they have the clamor level of 50 to 60 dB, which is like the sound delivered by a fridge. In spite of the fact that they do not murmur calm, they can create the white noise which spread the foundation clamor, which causes you to feel less apprehensive at home.

As ceiling fan isn’t appropriate for low roof

For Low ceiling room, safety is one of the worries of utilizing the ceiling fan. In the event that you have a truly low roof like 6 ft, 7 ft, or 8 ft, it isn’t prescribed to have a ceiling fan. This is on the grounds that you might be effectively get thumped by the fan sharp edges. Keep in mind, the sharp edges turn in a high RPM, it hurts if the cutting edges hit the body parts. In spite of the fact that we can choose the hugger or flush mount ceiling fans, it is still very risky.

Nearly, numerous ceiling fan choices do have uncovered fan cutting edges. Bladeless tower fan and table fan is another likelihood for the low roof. Since they have no discernible edges, it is more secure. This element is especially basic for kids’ rooms. Additionally, principle wind stream is in level rather than vertical bearing, so they can adequately circle the air in a low roof family room.

Ceiling fans are not appropriate for little rooms

The ceiling fan will presumably make an airstream if your room size is little. Assume, if there is a 52″ ceiling fan inside a 100 sq. feet room. The breeze might be too solid that even lead to distress. Furthermore, numerous ceiling fans don’t have the wavering capacity, so they are just blowing the air a solitary way. To understand this issue, we can choose the stand fan or tower fan as alternatives to a ceiling fan.

Most Stand fans have a wavering head, so they can consequently pivot sharp edge confine to convey wind current in various directions, which aids improve the proficiency of air dissemination. On the off chance that you have a little room, the CFM of the stand fan would be satisfactory to chill off the room. Contingent upon your sofa or bed position, we can make the standing fan nearer to you, so we can have a better cooling impact.

A ceiling fan is not suitable for vault roof

If your upper room or lounge room has a vaulted roof, it is smarter to get the window fan or wall mount fan as the alternatives to a ceiling fan. It is very difficult to introduce a ceiling fan on the inclined roof as we have to have extraordinary shade or downrod so as to keep the ceiling fan upstanding. The point relies upon the roof slope.

On the off chance that we wish to circulate air without a ceiling fan in a little storage room, we can pick a window fan. We can put the fan onto the casing of the window, so the fan and admission or fumes the air to accomplish air trade. On the off chance that you need better cooling impact, we can have a wall mount fan. Contrasted with a ceiling fan, it is simpler to introduce and space-sparing. As we can introduce the wall mount fan on a level surface.

Ceiling fan are hard to clean

One of the weaknesses of ceiling fans is that they are hard to clean. Regardless of for a low roof or a high roof fan, we may need to move up the stepping stool to dispose of the residue on the sharp edges. On the off chance that we don’t perfect the fan routinely, the thick layer of residue would decrease the wind current.

Generally, alternatives of ceiling fans, for example, bladeless fan, floor fan, and stand fan are anything but easy to clean. The cleaning procedure isn’t so excruciating.


So when you are searching for the best ceiling fan alternatives for a low ceiling room, then you might consider the above things. As there are many other options available as ceiling fans alternatives, but we mention the best one for your comfort.

It is better to opt for a ceiling fan substitute when your room ceiling height is less than 7 feet from the ground. Because ceiling fan measures approx. 1-foot height when installed on the ceiling. So when you installed a ceiling fan of 7 feet ceiling the fan blades measure just 6 feet height from the floor, which is much low as per building laws. As per the building laws, you must require a minimum of 7 feet ceiling height from floor to ceiling fan blades.