How to choose best necklace that fits your neckline

There are so many necklaces are available in market to choose out there. But how do you choose the best one to wear that fits with your neckline. So, here we provides some tips to choose best necklace that fits your neckline. First of all we see the different types of necklace length before we moving forward to select best necklace for your neckline.

The length of necklace is varying between 14 inch to 36 inch and each length of necklace has its own beauty when wearing with its combination. The shortest length of necklace, usually between 14-16 inches are called choker length. Because choker necklace has shortest length and set directly on neck.

18 inch length necklace are mostly called as princes length and it appears slightly below the neck. Majority of people wear princes’ length necklace. 20-24 inch length are called matinee length and it is somehow long as twice the length of choker necklace. These necklace usually appears on bust line.

24-30 inch long necklace is called opera necklace and its length is too long and usually wear with twice wrapped to look shorter. Any other necklace that beyond the length of 32 inches are called rope necklace. It is mostly wear with some other necklace to form layers.

How to select best necklace

  • Choose the best necklace with considering your clothing outfit

If your outfit has V-shape neckline than you have to choose pendant necklace with length of 18-20 inch. A choker necklace is rounded and mismatch with V-shape of your neckline so you have to avoid that. Princes length necklace are good fit with strapless tops. While opera necklace is best suits with turtleneck. This necklace provides compliment to your style for the necklace.

  • Consider the occasion when choosing necklace

The choice of necklace is depend on the occasion on which you want to wear. If you are going to as usual lunch or any party, that necklace length depends on your style that make some difference.

  • Length of wearers neck is also consider

Necklace has different lengths, but if wearer has bit longer neck than you can choose some small length necklace. If person who has shorter length of neck than you may pick long length necklace that best fit with your outfit and appears pretty.

  • Match your necklace with your outfit

You don’t just have to consider your neckline of outfit but also whole outfit style and colour and designs. Make sure that your outfit is match with your necklace and looks gorgeous. Don’t try to overload of jewelry, but make it simple and bold statement.

You also have to consider the time of wearing the necklace. For whole day, you can pick any simple and for evening pick any elegant and stylish jewelry.

There are not any strict rule to follow all this rule, but you get the idea what is best for you and what fits with your neckline. So, choose best necklace that fits your neckline with considering above points.