How to wear long necklaces

Do you ever thought about wearing your necklace really? It looks like a nothing issue, but you do not want to be the part of your statement necklace that is not really happy or does not really understand. While you are completely free to wear your long necklace. However, you will love how to wear a long necklaces, giving you a few tips on it that complement your clothes effectively.

How to wear Long necklaces

What to do

Wear a Long Necklace with High Cut Shirts

The high cut shirt is an ideal backdrop for a long necklace. High neck, high low shape, and high collars combine you with a long, swinging necklace to give a nice look. Our long necklace, for example, will have only a full touch in front of a high-cut shirt or blouse of any color or pattern. This decorative adds a little extra spark to both the gold leaf dresser and casual outfits.

Layer up Your Long Necklaces with other necklace

A Best way to wear long necklaces is to level them with other necklace. The layering effect looks great on both casual and dresser outfits, and always adds a bit more to your looks. We have a number of necklaces that can work well when layered together with long necklace. There are many necklace we have in our collection that will be wearing with long necklace and some small necklace to layer them.

Wear Long Necklaces with Casual Outfits

Casual outfits made of cute shorts or pants, glittering planks or blouses or flask open on a loose dress are perfect canvas for long necklaces. Chevron necklace, neck necklace, and willow necklace look great with all outfits, which are still casual. Again, you want to make a nice contrast without overboard between your pieces. A long necklace and a charming costume can go a long way!

What not to do

Don’t Wear Long Necklaces with Overly Long Clothes

A long necklace can work with some long dress or oversized sweaters. But there is a good thumb rule to avoid long necklaces with long dresses. It can make one worse than spoiling the look in his clothes, and just look a little bit better. Longer lines are more contrasting than short pieces, so why a long necklace works best with many tops like tank tops and jeans, short skirts (knee or upper!) And floral tops, shirts or blouses or the like. If you are planning to wear a long dress, try sticking with a small necklace that rests beneath the glove or just above the chest for the appearance.

Don’t Mismatch Long Necklaces with Your Outfits

Some long necklaces are wear with any outfit, some are not versatile. Some long necklaces are meant to wear with a total statement pieces, fierce, dress appearance. You do not want to throw a statement pendant, bright pearl or other classy jewels on old jeans and T-shirts. There is an outfit dressing, but then the mark is completely missing. Beware of how you mix and match! 

Don’t Wear Long Necklaces with Crop Tops

Although you do not want to wear long necklaces with long pieces of clothing, you do not even want to wear long neck necklaces with top pieces of cloth, such as long pieces of cloth. As the top of the crop usually comes only above or just on the belt button, you can turn a little bit off by wearing a long necklace with the top. However, there are some exceptions when the crop top comes. If you are wearing a chopped top, a cut sweater, a cropped tank, or a high-waist bottle, the decor suddenly becomes a perfect necklace! High-commissioned skirts, shorts and pants also help to get rid of things and give a cleaner, crasser canvas against which you can display your long necklace.

Doing and doing this does not look a little complicated, but they work every time to help you get the perfect outfit. Long necklace is a beautiful helper that can complete any outfit – but if you know how to wear long necklaces.