Best Playroom Ceiling Fan for Kids

Best playroom ceiling fan for kids

On the off chance that you are searching for a playroom ceiling fan for the kid’s room. You might be known at this point that they arrive in an assortment of styles and structures, for small boys and girls.

They can be exceptionally beautiful and once mounted to the roof, they will add an eye-getting look to the playroom. Your alternatives are interminable, and everything relies upon what sort of style you need for the kid’s room.

Playroom ceiling fans give superb decisions of ceiling fans for kids just as for the remainder of your home. In addition, fans for kid’s rooms additionally include all the extraordinary highlights of a ceiling fan, for example, light unit for enlightenment, remote, and reversible mode to give some examples. Be that as it may, the most significant factor is that they are intended to fill their need, to move air around the playroom!

Overall, the ceiling fans that are intended for kid rooms give a carefree impression and include a one-of-a-kind stylistic theme component that echoes the diversion or enthusiasm of your child.

As I mentioned above, there are such a significant number of plans whether you are looking for ceiling fans for small boys or girls of any age to browse, yet ideally, in the wake of reading the rundown underneath, you will wind up with a unit that fits impeccably into the playroom.

Quick Look Of Playroom Ceiling Fan for Kids

Westinghouse Lighting 7247500 Indoor Playroom Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting 7247500 Indoor Playroom Ceiling Fan

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Planes Trains Trucks Design Ceiling Fan

Planes Trains Trucks Design Ceiling Fan

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Hunter Fantasy 48 inch Indoor Playroom Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fantasy 48 inch Indoor Playroom Ceiling Fan

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AireRyder FN44322W Downrod Mount Playroom Ceiling fan

AireRyder FN44322W Downrod Mount Playroom Ceiling fan

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Craftmade K10367 Bloom 52 Playroom Design Ceiling Fan

Craftmade K10367 Bloom 52 Playroom Design Ceiling Fan

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Best Playroom Ceiling Fans Reviews

1. Westinghouse Lighting 7247500 Indoor Playroom Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting 7247500 Indoor Playroom Ceiling Fan

The first fan on the playroom ceiling fan list is the Westinghouse Lighting 7247500 ceiling fan. This model highlights a beguiling, streamlined structure with great execution and adaptability. Here we have a 30-inch ceiling fan that will pleasantly fit into any littler dens and accompanies five reversible cutting edges with blended hues. On the off chance that you decide to turn around and flip the sharp edges, the ceiling fan will have white-finish cutting edges.

This playroom ceiling fan highlights an incredible however quiet engine that twists the five cutting edges to produce a 2483 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) wind current at the most noteworthy speed. It utilizes just 39 watts of power and gives 64 CFM every moment for each watt air course effectiveness. You can set the engine to switch mode to have the edges turn counterclockwise to give cold air impact during summer or clockwise to push down the warm air from the roof during winter.

This unit will give enough air dissemination to an 80-100 square feet playroom and remembers worked for pearly glass light pack with iced surface and 2x 40watt lights. It has 3 settings (low, medium, and high) however doesn’t accompany a remote control. In any case, you can without much of a stretch include a remote control on the off chance that you favor the comfort of having the option to work the control from any place you are situated inside the sensor’s range.

Additionally, there is a 3/4-x 4 downrod and a 78? lead wire included. The engine accompanies a lifetime warranty, and every single other part incorporates a 2-year warranty to guarantee that you can securely add a quality item to your kid’s room without agonizing over its toughness.

2. Planes Trains Trucks Design Ceiling Fan

Planes Trains Trucks Design Ceiling Fan

The Planes Trains Trucks design ceiling fan from Ceiling Fan Designers is a smart way to outfit any playroom for kids. There are two models to browse, a 42 with four cutting edges or a greater 52 with five sharp edges. The sharp edge configuration is reversible, and you can decide to flip them to change the stylistic theme in the playroom. One side of the cutting edges includes prepares, truck, and planes structure, while the opposite side is a plain white plan.

This model accompanies an incredible, yet quiet 120 volts, 3speed engine that you can physically change to turn around mode and appreciate warm air course during winter and wind-chill impact during summer. The two units accompany a light pack, and the littler 42 model takes one 60watt light that you have to purchase independently. Notwithstanding, the 52? fan incorporates and a la mode hand-created white glass conceal that takes 3x 60watt lights that are incorporated.

It is anything but easy to work the fan utilizing the draw chain work, where you can off or on the lights and control the three-speed levels and turn around mode. The bundle incorporates 2? and 4 downrods and the 42″- unit flush mount is 12.5? estimated from the roof to the base.

You can have confidence that your venture will serve you for a long time to come since this unit is ensured by a 15-to 30-year producer’s warrantee (in view of what model you buy). Having said that, here we have a fantastic playroom ceiling fan for kids that the youthful ones will just love.

3. Hunter Fantasy 48 inch Indoor Playroom Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fantasy 48 inch Indoor Playroom Ceiling Fan

Our subsequent thing is the magnificent Fantasy Flyer from the Hunter Fan stable. This playroom ceiling fan is really a certified copy of the excellent Vought F4U Corsair American contender fly, and its motor cowling house gives a genuine true look. This unit is a position of a safety ceiling fan that would be an ideal expansion to any stay with a low roof.

The Fantasy Flyer includes a 48 breadth ceiling fan that incorporates 3 solid sharp edges, and the amazing engine was intended to convey a WhisperWind execution at any speed. The engine is fit for producing 3000 CFM wind stream at the highest speed, and that ought to be sufficient wind current for most children’s rooms. The blades are covered with Hunter’s most recent DustArmor innovation that takes out 58% of residue develop on the sharp edges.

The position of safety configuration causes this a perfect answer for playrooms that have a low roof since this unit includes a flush-mount establishment. It is in every case best to bring in a specialist to mount your ceiling fan. However, in the event that you want to do it without anyone else’s help, current proprietors mentioned that the guidance manual is long and befuddling.

Remember this isn’t the unit for you in the event that you are searching for a ceiling fan with an inherent light and you won’t have the option to put resources into any extra light pack for this thing.

Generally, If you are searching for an eye-getting and quiet ceiling fan for your child’s room, at that point your choice is unquestionably the Fantasy Flyer. This is a quality and gorgeous item that is made of lightweight plastic materials, and you can have confidence that you are putting resources into a first-class unit as the Hunter Fan Company gives a lifetime engine warranty.

4. AireRyder FN44322W Downrod Mount Playroom Ceiling fan

AireRyder FN44322W Downrod Mount Playroom Ceiling fan

Our next playroom ceiling fan in the commencement is the charming Vaxcel Alice ceiling fan from AireRyder. This ceiling fan flaunts an enchanted plan that ought to go flawlessly inside any child’s room. It accompanies five reversible cutting edges that you can flip and change for a strong pink or pink with a white surface. The Alice estimates 20.5 tallness by 44 sharp edge range distance across. Because of its stature, it is prescribed to introduce this ceiling fan on 9 feet roofs or higher. For high roofs, there is a 6 downrod included.

It is anything but easy to install this unit, and it accompanies everything that a standard ceiling fan incorporates with the exception of a remote. The fan incorporates an extraordinary glass light pack with an iced opal surface, and you can mount the fan with or without the light unit. The light pack accompanies 1x 19-watt medium base light that gives fair enlightenment. The engine is amazing and turns the sharp edges at a 12-degree cutting edge pitch that gives up to 3800 CFM wind current fast.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t accompany a remote, you will have the option to work the fan through the force chains effectively and set the 3-speed levels and turn the lights on or off as indicated by your ideal solace level. Current proprietors are amazingly content with the Vaxcel and particularly how energy proficient it is utilizing just a single 19-watt light. Generally speaking, here we have a model that isn’t only alluring to the extent that the last fine detail takes it, yet additionally, it has genuine power behind it.

5. Craftmade K10367 Bloom 52″ Playroom Design Ceiling Fan

Craftmade K10367 Bloom 52 Playroom Design Ceiling Fan

Our keep going thing on the rundown is the forceful 52-Inch Bloom Fan from Craftmade. This unit has gotten two thumbs from current proprietors expressing this is the most effective and the best playroom ceiling fan for kids available today. It incorporates one-of-a-kind blossomed style blades, and you can browse two shading surfaces, white with green plastic cutting edges or white with pink plastic edges.

Once you handle the edges, you’ll be wonderfully shocked by the nature of the cutting edges. The cutting edges are perfectly handmade and are intended to look like leaves, and they come at a 13.5-degree edge pitch that is all that could possibly be needed to cover a medium to a huge room.

To turn the edge and give enough wind current, this unit includes a great reversible engine that you can program utilizing 3-speed settings. The rock-solid engine was intended to give an incredible 4202 cubic feet per minute airflow at rapid. The engine is incredibly ground-breaking however quiet, and it tends to be effectively changed to turn around the mode to have the sharp edge turn clockwise or counterclockwise relying upon the season. It is fit for producing downdraft to drive warm air down from the roof in winter, or make an updraft and circle cool air around the room in summer.

The Bloom fan includes an implicit light unit that takes 2x 60watt lights and gives magnificent brightening. You will be accountable for all activities utilizing the handheld remote that permits you to set the speed settings, turn the fan on or off, change to invert mode, and turn on or off the lights. By and large, this great delicate shaded pink or green ceiling fan is intended to convey satisfaction to your child’s den for quite a long time to come on the grounds that the Craftmade Company gives you a lifetime warranty on the item.

Playroom Ceiling Fans for Kids Buying Guide

Regardless of in the event that you are simply overhauling your child’s room or basically making a crisp embellishment start, you will discover just first-class playroom ceiling fans for kids recorded previously. It’s a given that an infant room should be happy with the living region. Your kids ought to have enough space to understand books, play with toys, and rest. In the event that you choose to put resources into a ceiling fan for your child’s room, your child will feel good, and you will include an imaginative and interesting air in the room. To help you towards that objective, your choice is to pick a ceiling fan for your child that is an impression of their character.

Children appreciate as well as they profit from a room that they feel comfortable and loose in. In the event that you choose to mount a fan inside your children’s room, it will keep your child agreeable and cheerful consistently while they play with their loved ones in their pleasantly looking living territory. It doesn’t make a difference what the youthful ones are doing in the room, drawing during a blustery day, or appreciate a motion picture on a sweltering summer day, a ceiling fan will course outside air around the room during summer and push down the warm air from the roof during wintertime. Peruse through the purchasing guide underneath and check whether you can pick any plans to change the room into a comfortable and fun one.

What to Consider When Choosing Playroom Ceiling Fan?

At the point when you are putting resources into a ceiling fan for your children, it is imperative to do intensive research before you fork out your well-deserved cash for a unit. The following are hardly any rules that will assist you with finding the ideal ceiling fan to coordinate your child’s playroom.

Design of Fan

As you probably are aware, there is a wide scope of various producers available that are battling to offer you the best arrangements for playroom ceiling fans. In any case, to limit your rundown to a consummate fan, you have to choose the structure that fits the child’s room the best. Each ceiling fan is manufactured and collected in light of a particular subject. In this manner, it is significant that you as of now have a thought of what plan you are searching for.

Size of the Fan

Much the same as with standard ceiling fans, child’s ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes. There is no “one-fan-fits-all-rooms” sort of roof fan available. Having said that, you will have the option to look over fans intended for huge rooms, fans intended for high roofs, low-profile fans for low roofs, etc. I prescribe that you measure the space to have a thought what you are searching for with respect to estimate, structure, wind current, and different capacities.


Another factor to endure as a main priority is to deliberately consider where you need to mount the fan. The dependable guideline is that any fan ought not to be introduced lower than 7-8 feet from the beginning. On the off chance that you expect to introduce the fan in a live with a low roof, a position of safety, or hugger fan, is in all probability your best choice. In any case, the room has a high ceiling, the perfect fan is a unit with downrod in light of the fact that a basic expansion like downrod will expand the fan from the roof and closer to the floor.

Operation of Fan

Is it true that you are searching for a unit that you can work through force chains or do you incline toward a fan that incorporates a remote? To fulfill the two needs, some more up-to-date models incorporate both draw chain and remote activity. Furthermore, the vast majority of the fans incorporate a reverse mode that enables the engine to turn the edges backward course and in this manner, empowers you to helpfully change the fan as per the temperatures outside.