5 Best tips to purchase best gold necklace for women

Gold necklaces is always main attraction for women in jewelry from last so many years. It is always in a fashion. Gold is an expensive metal that retain its value for any time. So it is also purchased for the investment purpose. Gold is also durable and nothing happened to gold when it’s properly caring by us. Purchasing gold necklace for women can be expensive. There are many factors affecting the prices of gold like purity, design, weight and from where it is purchase. So we have bring the top 5 best tips to consider when purchase best gold necklace for women.

  •  gold necklace for womenAware yourself with gold purity standard.

The value of the gold is always measured by the purity of gold. It is measured in karats. 24 karat gold is the purest gold form it means 100% pure gold. And below 24 karat, that is 22 and 18 karat gold has 90% and 75% purity gold respectively. So generally it is recommended to purchase the below 18 karat gold to avoid damage. Because above 18 karat gold is soft and allergic for skin for some people. The pure gold is very expensive as compared to the lower karat value gold. Gold prices are always fluctuate as per the market demand. So always remember to check the purity of gold when purchasing gold necklace for women.


Check the hallmark for purity.

The hallmark is represent the purity of gold in gold jewelry. Hallmark is assigned to gold for the quality check. In Hallmarking system, the gold metal mark for 22 karat is 916, for 18 carat is 750, for 14 carat gold is 585 and for 9 carat is 375. In the state of USA, the Federal Trade Commission does not require any hallmark for gold. However many jewellers in USA use its manufactures mark.

Note: A branding mark is not a hallmark, so not confused with branding mark.

Consider solid gold or plated gold.

When you consider to purchase the gold necklace for women. Sometimes you find lowest prices of gold jewellery on advertisement or online stores. But check the gold jewelry is solid gold or plated gold. Solid gold is very expensive because it is purely made up of gold. Whereas gold plated jewellery has only small amount of gold that is covered on some other metal to look like a gold jewellery. So it is obviously cheaper in prices as compared to solid gold jewelry.

best gold necklace for women

Identify a creditable jewellery dealer.

There are so many creditable dealers are present worldwide who provides great purchasing experience. You can find online like Zales, Sarraf, Tanishq etc. Pick the dealer who offers a variety of services like warranty, return policy, risk of damage. If you are planning to purchase from online than check the customer review, ratings, and compare prices with other dealer. Beware of scam.

Choose the Best designed gold necklace for women.

Choosing Necklace design is the main decision for any women. The design of the necklace is select as per the face and body of the wearer women. One other factor is also the prices, because the more weight gold necklace is more expensive. If you want to wear necklace for daily basis then you have to choose light weight and simple design. And if for the occasionally, then choose some heavy with designer necklace.

So considering following points when purchasing a best gold necklace for women. And after purchasing the gold necklace take care of it. Store it properly when not in use and clean it regularly with soft clothes.

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