How to select right size of pendant for necklace

Selecting a right pendent for necklace that complement to your outfit can be very difficult. But the same time it is not impossible also. Earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings all this can add the beauty to our any outfits. But selecting a right piece of all this is very important especially when it comes to choose the pendant to wear. Considering the size of the pendant is the important thing and it is depend on many factors. The colour of the pendant, the overall look of the pendent with our outfit and appearance of the wearer person. Matching with the other accessories is also one of the factor. So each of this factors plays major role in selecting a right size of pendent of necklace.

  • Small Pendent for necklace.

Small pendent is usually look pretty and that is in light weight so it is better for the daily wear. The small pendent is wear with the short and long chain. Generally small pendent is any one stone or gem or crystal.

  • Large pendent for necklace.

A large pendent necklace can draw attention from far away in the term of appearance. When you wear a simple one colour clothes than large pendant necklace draws attention of the other people and looks pretty.

  • Match with the outfit.

Pendant necklace will be matching with your outfits. It is important to wear the pendent that match and look pretty with your outfit. It will be also consider your body style and hair style also. If your hair length is long than you have to consider for large pendent and some dark color pendant.

  • Consider the occasion on which you want to wear.

It is important to consider the occasion when selecting the pendent for necklace. If you want to wear for daily than you have to choose the some small pendent and if you want for occasionally then you can choose as per the occasion. If you want for marriage function then you can try some heavy large pendent like gold or silver.

So it is important to select right size of pendent for necklace to wear in the function. You can match with your other jewelry pieces like bracelets and earrings that improves the appearance of pendent necklace and make you most beautiful.