Smart Ceiling Fan Control: 6 Ways to Upgrade your Old Ceiling Fan

best outdoor ceiling fan with light and remote control

Today every device was evolved to smart and that makes our life easy. We all are technology savvy and want to upgrade as technology invent. Here we talk about smart ceiling fan control that was now evolved like wifi or Alexa and google assistant to make easy control of the fan. This smart fan controller makes your old ceiling fan to smart. It is not necessary to purchase a new smart ceiling fan.

I have already purchased my ceiling fans since I like the manner in which they look. They coordinate my stylistic layout and incorporate the lighting and fan speed choices that I need. Additionally, regardless they work. For what reason would I need to replace that fan?

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In spite of all that, I could simply open up my wallet and purchase a new smart fan controller and make my old ceiling fan smart. Because buying a new smart ceiling fan is very expensive and also there are not many variables available in smart fans.

So, it’s not important to spend a great deal on a fresh-out-of-the-box new savvy ceiling fan. There are few accessible ease alternatives to retrofit your old ceiling fan with smart control.

Best Smart Ceiling Fan Control

<strong>Bond Best Smart Remote Controller</strong>

Bond Best Smart Remote Controller

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<strong>Pecham Best Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit</strong>

Pecham Best Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit

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<strong>Hunter SimpleConnect Best Bluetooth Control Fan Controller</strong>

Hunter SimpleConnect Best Bluetooth Control Fan Controller

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<strong>Fanimation Fansync Bluetooth Controller</strong>

Fanimation Fansync Bluetooth Controller

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<strong>Ai-Sync Smart Ceiling Fan Remote Control with Wi-Fi Enabled</strong>

Ai-Sync Smart Ceiling Fan Remote Control with Wi-Fi Enabled

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<strong>DYMCO Smart WiFi Fan Light Switch</strong>

DYMCO Smart WiFi Fan Light Switch

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1. Bond: Best Smart Remote Controller

Bond Best Smart Remote Controller

A gadget like the Bond controller can record the sign that your remote control sends. When the sign is recorded, it recollects and plays it back at whatever point you (or your smart home) direction it to. The ceiling fan at that point reacts to Bond precisely as it would react to your remote control.

Bond can record and playback any capacity that your remote can control. Normally that incorporates light darkening and fan speed.

When your ceiling fan is associated with Bond, it’s simple to arrange voice control with Amazon Alexa.

Bond can be set practically anyplace in your home. The RF sign utilized by most ceiling fans effectively experiences standard walls and has a scope of around 40 feet. It likewise should be inside the WiFi scope of your home switch.

Bond may appear to be costly from the outset, however, it very well may be utilized with up to six gadgets at this moment. Likewise, it’s for the most part being promoted as a ceiling fan controller, yet it’s not really constrained to simply ceiling fans. It can control any gadget that uses an RF signal.

The best part about utilizing a WiFi ceiling fan control like Bond is that there is no wiring. Along these lines, if diving into your wall switches with a screwdriver makes you somewhat apprehensive, this might be an extraordinary choice for you.

2. Pecham: Best Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit

Pecham Best Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit

Pecham is one of the best ceiling fan remote control kits. It’s a decent item with the exception that the collector signals sound beep each time when it gets an order. The sound beep is moderately irritating, particularly in case you’re attempting to make a consistent smart home infrastructure.

Includes separate switch for 3 fan speeds, designed to work separately ceiling fan speed and light switch and operates to a distance of up to 49-feet.

3. Hunter SimpleConnect: Best Bluetooth Control Fan Controller

Hunter SimpleConnect Best Bluetooth Control Fan Controller

The Hunter SimpleConnect Control interfaces and controls your ceiling fan by means of Bluetooth. The framework incorporates a recipient that introduces inside the ceiling fan and a Bluetooth center that transfers the sign from the fan beneficiaries to your cell phone.

I don’t generally consider the SimpleConnect control a legitimate alternative for smart control. The reason is that it doesn’t associate with some other smart home gadgets. The best way to utilize it is to open up the SimpleConnect application on your telephone while you’re inside the Bluetooth range and explore the settings you need to change. Essentially, you move the change from the wall to your pocket. Be that as it may, much of the time the wall switch would be speedier and increasingly solid.

Maybe, later on, Hunter will endeavor to grow the capacity of the application and incorporate it into some different stages. Be that as it may, in its present structure, I don’t generally observe a ton of utilization for the SimpleConnect control.

4. Fanimation Fansync: Bluetooth Controller

Fanimation Fansync Bluetooth Controller

Fansync is another Bluetooth-associated item like the Hunter SimpleConnect. Once more, it just transforms your cell phone into a generally costly ceiling fan remote control that possibly works when you are inside Bluetooth extend.

The blue module introduces in the shelter of the ceiling fan. The remote envisioned on the correct accompanies a lodging that can be mounted on the wall.

Its not important to utilize Fansync on a Fanimation brand ceiling fan. Most ceiling fans with an AC engine can be controlled with it.

Fanimation has as of late turned out with WiFi adaptations of their beneficiary. They have various models, every one of which is intended to be introduced in a specific model of their roof fans. The new WiFi adaptation is good with both Alexa and Google assistance.

5. Ai-Sync Smart Ceiling Fan Remote Control with Wi-Fi Enabled

Ai-Sync Smart Ceiling Fan Remote Control with Wi-Fi Enabled

The Ai-Sync AiS Smart Ceiling Fan Remote brings Wi-Fi to any fan. In the wake of introducing a recipient inside the fan, you can turn it on or off, change speeds, and even control the light unit from any place utilizing the cell phone application. Computer-based intelligence Sync additionally incorporates a customary remote control.

While at home, you can control the fan’s capacity with a voice direction to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Because of IFTTT similarity, the controller can cooperate with administrations like Nest, Ecobee, and Ring as well.

6. DYMCO Smart WiFi Fan Light Switch

DYMCO Smart WiFi Fan Light Switch

Fortunately, there’s no compelling reason to purchase another fan to utilize mechanization innovation. The DYMCO Smart WiFi Fan Light Switch replaces an ordinary light switch. Introduce time is around 30 minutes and ought to be basic for even the beginner DIY mortgage holder.

The touch control switch includes a blue LED marker so you can generally think that its, even in obscurity. For voice control, the switch is perfect with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can control the fan and even the speed. Computerization, including the capacity to set calendars and control the fan away from home, is accessible through those two stages or the DMYCO cell phone application.

What is Meaning of Smart Ceiling Fan Control?

Before I escape, I ought to presumably clarify what I mean when I talk about smart ceiling fan control. A brilliant ceiling fan has its lights and its fan that has associated with your smart home. When your ceiling fan associated with your smart home system, you can control it remotely with your cell phone or by setting up predefined standards or connections with other savvy home items.

An optimal brilliant smart ceiling fan control ought to have:

Those who need the alternative option to have fans and lights consequently turn on/off when I enter/leave a room. This is typically finished with movement sensors.

Voice control. I’m a major Amazon Alexa client, yet the other significant voice associates can work similarly too.

In addition, I should even now have the option to turn them on/off with a wall switch. There’s consistently times when a decent, good old wall switch is both simpler and quicker.

Smart ceiling fan also have the option to control fan dependent on temperature readings from smart thermostat.

Smart Ceiling Fan Control Using a Smart Switch

In the event that you have a different wall switch for both your ceiling fan and light, this arrangement could work extraordinary for you. You can introduce a smart switch for the light and a smart fan controller to control the fan speed. The smart switches introduce in the wall and supplant your current wall switches.

This alternative offers the most open door for custom control, yet in addition requires the most programming. The smart switches won’t accompany any pre-introduced “rules”. Each smart activity you need your fan to cause will to must be modified by you utilizing your smart center point software.

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With a smart switch, despite everything you’ll have the option to control your fan physically with the wall switch, yet you’ll additionally have the additional comfort of smart control. With some additional work, you can even arrangement control utilizing movement sensors or voice directions.


The market for smart ceiling fan controllers is still entirely new. There aren’t any completely coordinated, across the board arrangements accessible yet. Be that as it may, we can at present do truly well with what’s accessible.

For the most thorough ceiling fan control, utilize smart switches. The smart switches offer the most adaptability, yet they additionally require the most work. You’ll require a smart center and any smart home cooperations should be customized with your center point’s product. Contingent upon how experienced you are, this can progress toward becoming tedious and troublesome. In case you’re only an easygoing client, it might be more issue than its value.

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Then again, an item like Bond is presumably best for somebody that is anything but a easy smart home maker with his own. It offers a easy and fast arrangement, voice control, and IFTTT similarity. These are largely ideal for the individual that needs to do a little home robotization, yet wouldn’t like to get excessively profound into any programming. Additionally, the value per fan is very low in case you’re utilizing it with numerous fans.

The Bluetooth arrangements are, for the occasion, moderately feeble. The main thing they truly do is transform your advanced cell into a roof fan remote. The keen home joining is totally missing so it could never fulfill the bad-to-the-bone client. There’s no voice control, no IFTTT, and they just work inside Bluetooth go. In this way, notwithstanding for the easygoing client, I figure Bond would be a superior arrangement.

In the event that you happen to run over a savvy roof fan controller that I don’t have recorded here, let me think about it in the remarks underneath so I can look at it. I’m generally vigilant for the most recent savvy home items.