Top 5 style to wear necklace for men

Wearing a necklace for a man is something different than one for a women. There are many barriers for men to wear necklace or some other jewelry. It is somehow believed that jewelry is only worn by women, but men can also wear necklace or other jewelry to look great.

style to wear necklace for men

Even when most of the men who wear necklace well would not be noticeable for their jewelry. So, here is the most top 5 style to wear necklace for men.

  1. Military style

Military necklace are also known as dog tag style necklace. It is called military style dog tag because it has one simple pendant that hangs on chain. The pendant has some written on that like wearers name or its medical information or sometimes its religious preferences. Different people have their own style and wear as per his preference.

  1. Chain necklace

This type of necklace has only plain chain of different metal and different designs. This type of necklace can create many looks, depending on the metal, color and chain length. The best key to wearing a chain necklace is to make your chain style understated. Buy a higher quality product of metal to define your chain look. Avoid cheap alternative of necklace and buy gold, silver or platinum necklace.

  1. Religious necklace

You might have seen many people wear religious cross necklace to show their dignity towards god. Most of religious necklace are pendant types like Christian cross, scapulars or stars of david. This type of necklace is mostly wear under the shirt because of their long chain. To look good in this type of necklace than make you’re pendant as simple.

  1. Pendant necklace

Pendent is a small ornament that hangs in chain and form pendant necklace. This pendent can be anything like shaped jewelry or initial character or gemstone that provides charm to necklace. The pendant necklace is mostly wear with casual t-shirt and jeans. It is widely pair with long chain to appear pendent on the t-shirt.

  1. Choker Necklace

A choker necklace is opposite of pendant necklace. It is a one type of solid round band that wear around neck and it is not long that hang down. It covers our neck and fully visible to everyone. Mostly people prefer designer choker necklace of leather or wooden. Always remember that not to choose any metal choker, because it is not comfortable with our neck shape. Do not choose any tight choker necklace, always try to choose that are comfortable for us.

This are the top 5 style to wear necklace for men but you can select other also, there is not any strict rules to follow. We only shows here the most trending styles of necklace that mostly people wear. You can wear necklace that most comfortable to you and match with your outfit.

Always try to select the right necklace that best suits your body style and avoid what people says about them.