Top 5 Styles of Necklaces for Women

When it comes to giving gifts to the women of your life, jewelry is the foremost choice. Either if it is your mother, sister, granny, or the one and only girlfriend. Women love to wear pieces of jewelry and according to a research, jewelry made with rare styles can better your girlfriend’s mood in no time. A spouse who are more tend to give jewelry as a gift to their partner lives happier than the others. So, surprise your girlfriend with something eccentric and heartwarming this Christmas.  Choose from the Top 5 Styles of Necklaces for Women given below:

Pendant Necklace:

Pendant necklaces are choice of young women and they can easily carry those necklaces for their everyday or casual look. These necklaces come with a long chain and there is no specific chain length is available. It is up to you that how long you want a necklace chain to be. Along with chain, a classic pendant is hung inside. This pendant can be of any kind such as having a special message, the spiral set of rings, pearl bounties or simply letter of the names. It looks very elegant on women and is available in leather, iron, steel, or plastic material.


Chokers are the latest and most stylish sorts of neck jewelry. It is called a chocker because it fits grippingly around the neck. These chokers come in materials like chains, threads, fabric, plastic, and steel. while they are further adorned with the pearls, stones, pendants, and starts like shapes. It depends on your choice. They come with the adjustable hook which you can use to make it in accordance with the neck size of your girlfriend.

Collar Necklace:

Collar necklace is also a kind of choker but these do not grip the neck tightly, in fact, they keep hanging around the beauty or the collar bones of the girl. These necklaces are usually made of hard materials like iron, silver, and, and steel. Their size is usually 12 to 14 inches. however if you are ordering it in person then the jewelry maker can give it a size of your choice. These collar necklaces are further adorned with stones and pearls like entities.

Matinee – Multi Layered Chain Necklace:

Matinee is also known as the multi-layered chain necklace. As the name denotes, this necklace is based on different chains hung together on a neck like from smaller chain to the bigger chain. These chains can be made of different materials and they are further adorned with emblazonments like pearls, shapes, stones, or the things you like to hang around it. These necklaces look so elegant on the women belonging to all ages.

Tassel Necklace:

Tasseled necklaces can be of different materials and they are specified with the sets of tassels hanging around the chain. Their size is usually so long and it can reach up to the belly of girl. Usually, teenagers and stylish girls like to carry it with their everyday look. These necklaces are made of pearls while a tassel is hanged at the bottom.