Tips to look pretty by wearing multiple necklaces at the same time

Wearing multiple necklaces is trending now. When look is consider the priority of classic look. There are many reasons that we love this approach to wear multiple necklaces pieces and mix them to enjoy the jewelry combination and collection. Everyone is love this wearing approach. So we have brings a useful best tips to wear multiple pieces of necklaces.

  • Select the combination of different chain lengths.

By selecting the different lengths of chains you can achieve the cascade effect that allows you to each pieces of necklace to stand out from another and add its own beauty to increase the effect. If you have two or more necklaces pieces having same chain lengths than you can always use chain extender. You can use chain lengths range from 16” to 36” as per your body and match with other pieces of necklaces.

  • Select the different styles of necklaces.

The look of the multiple necklaces is usually come by selecting the different styles of each pieces of necklaces. You can choose different styles of pieces by its shape, color, material and designs. You can choose different types of necklaces like pearl necklace, diamond necklace, bar necklace, cross necklace, infinity necklace and statement necklace.

  • Considering the shape of neckline of the wearer top.

While you selecting the necklaces always consider the cut of the neckline of top to make a frame for necklaces. Because if your chain length is more than the frame than its look is not appears as considered. So always try to match with the neckline and match with the outfit that you wear.

  • Wear the necklaces pieces in multiple of odd number.

There is not any hard and fast rule to wear fixed number of necklaces pieces. But it is mainly experienced that wearing a combination of three or five pieces of necklaces are often most pleasant. But it is ultimately the combination of the shape, styles and length of chain is very important that what works best for you.

  • Choose the contrasting colors and metals.

Try to combine the different colors and metals that what looks best for you. Try different styles and variation in weight, stone, texture and cost of different pieces. And there is not any hard and fast rule to follow the above rule. You can make and brake rules to get some different combination of necklaces.

So now it’s time to select the different pieces of necklaces to mix them and wear layered necklaces.