Wiring a Ceiling Fan with 4 Wires

Wiring a Ceiling Fan with 4 Wires

To do wiring a ceiling fan with 4 wires, we initially need to know the choices accessible on the fan. Most normal fans either accompany a light or without a light. In spite of the fact that you can get only a ceiling fan most units offer a light pack that can be included what’s to come. I will go over the circuits required for the majority of the alternatives referenced.

We should remember that here we talk about the wiring a ceiling fan with 4 wires. For getting your ceiling fan installation, Please pursue the makers manuals and security rules for appropriate mounting because of weight and different factors which can be a significant factor.

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As a rule, you will have a roof light apparatus at the area you are anticipating introducing a ceiling fan. If so, at that point chances are that this old roof light just has enough wires to turn off and on the fan and not the light. In the event that in this way, at that point another wire must be raced to control the light too. So rather than a 3-wire link setting off to the fan, it must be supplanted with a 4-wire cable. When bringing down your old installation you will have the option to check whether you have the right cabling.

In the event that you are introducing a ceiling fan where there is no past installation, at that point you’ll be running another circuit to the fan and can oblige for the light too.

How to Wiring a Ceiling Fan with 4 Wires

Switch off the electrical switch at the switch board that gives power to the ceiling fan circuit. Test the wiring on the switches for the ceiling fan utilizing a noncontact circuit analyzer to be sure that the power is off.

Slice off 6 to 7 inches of external sheathing from the electrical link in the box in the roof where the fan is to be mounted utilizing a utility blade. At that point evacuate 1/2 inch of the shaded separator from every one of the three protected wires with a wire stripper.

Introduce the ceiling fan mounting plate to the electrical box in the roof utilizing the two mounting tightens provided the ceiling fan unit and a screwdriver. Feed the black, white, red and copper wires through the gap in the focal point of the mounting plate.

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Spot the ceiling fan engine on the floor and position the overhang over the engine, encouraging the fan wiring through the huge opening in the focal point of the shade. At that point feed the wires through the down-pole pipe, and screw the pipe into the strung coupler over the fan. Secure the pole into spot by fixing the locking jolt on the coupler with a movable wrench.

Tack the assembled ceiling fan kit to the mounting section, and drape the overhang from the hook on the mounting plate. Turn the black wire from the ceiling fan pack together with the black wire from the electrical box, and associate the uncovered closures with a wire nut. Similarly, bend the majority of the white wires together. (There ought to be two white wires from the ceiling fan pack and one from the case.) Third, interface the two green wires from the ceiling fan unit to the uncovered copper wire with a wire nut. At last, interface the red wire from the electrical box to the rest of the wire from the ceiling fan. (This wire is ordinarily red or blue however quite often has a tag on the wire that peruses “Light.”)

Expel the overhang from the snare and position the shade over the mounting section. Join the overhang to the mounting section by introducing two mounting screws through the gaps on each side of the covering with a screwdriver.

Amass the fan cutting edges by connecting a sharp edge to an edge iron with the included screws. At that point join every sharp edge to the engine with the two cutting edge mounting screws.

Connect the ceiling fan’s light unit wiring to the wiring saddle hanging underneath the fan engine. Mount the light unit to the engine by fixing the mounting screws. Introduce the light globes and lights into the light pack.

Turn on the electrical switch and flip the comparing changes to test the fan and light unit. On the off chance that your fan and additionally light pack are furnished with draw chains, you may need to turn the wall switched to the on position and after that pull the chains to initiate the fan and light.

4 Wires of Ceiling Fan Indicates

White – Neutral
Black – Fan
Blue – Light
Green – Ground

These are general color code but some manufacturers may use different color codes to indicate, so be sure to follow the instruction manual that come with your particular product.